Mad Message Monday!

Carrying on from the mirth-ful and humorous posting a few days ago, we’re kicking off the new week here at the Scribe Cave with a simple, entertaining and frankly silly post. Before you… Continue reading

Mid-Week Mirth-ful Mash-ups!

Well it’s been a crazy and hectic ride as yet another new comic release and yet another Comic Convention come to a close – giving me a modicum of breathing room. Of course… Continue reading

Confessions of a Bibliophile

Some of you folks who are good enough to take time and read this little blog know me as a reader, someone who enjoys a good story. In fact I’m not hassled by… Continue reading

TV Review: Doctor Who – Deep Breath

I’m not one to review TV and movies much, there’s no shortage of people doing that so I go with posting and reviewing other things. Every now and again though there is a… Continue reading

Utterly insane chain-fiction.

Hey folks, so I found this while sorting some files on my laptop last night: it’s a collaborative mini-fiction story that me (“Spider” to you folks here) and another fellow odd-ball started on… Continue reading

Rainy-Sunny Days and Censorship.

(post drafted/written on this past Saturday…) I’ve been away from my blog for a spell, thanks to you for sticking around and coming back now. Truth be told there’s  a few things I’ve… Continue reading