Ooga-Chaka! Ooga-Ooga!

It’s been a bit since I posted – travelling to Kashmir, living in a cabin and of course upcoming writing and other projects plus new artwork and such have kept me relatively occupied… Continue reading

[SHORT STORY] Doc Patient and the Chevy

“Until the day I die, I’ll never forget those glassy, unblinking eyes.” I said, “I tell you now dear girl, there are some things that just stay with you! Like Dürer’s portrait of… Continue reading

Ants with christmas-y asses?

Mohamed Babu from India, captured these amazing pictures last year after his wife noticed that ants turned white when they drank milk. He dissolved sugar in food colouring solutions of red, green, blue… Continue reading

The Fountain of Youth – IN SPACE!

This brilliant image, courtesy of NASA/ESA’s Hubble Space Telescope shows an interacting group contains several galaxies, along with a “cosmic fountain” of stars, gas and dust that stretches over 100 000 light-years. Resembling… Continue reading

[VIDEO] Science-cast: West Antarctic Ice Sheet in irreversible decline

The story behind the headlines on the “unstoppable” retreat of glaciers in part of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. A new study led by NASA researchers shows that half-a-dozen key glaciers in the… Continue reading

Tales from the Dark Vedanta: Scales [SHORT FICTION]

Barbed chains of iron cut into his flesh. They emerged from the ground beneath and were wrapped around Vyaktam’s four limbs like a malicious creeping vine, slowly tightening and scraping, drawing more and… Continue reading