Conservatism, Racism and Right-wing a result of Low IQ?!

This is an article I came across just now, can’t believe I’d not seen it before, but it definitely made for some interesting reading – especially since these days we seem to have… Continue reading

Madwoman of the Sacred Heart [Book Review]

Madwoman of the Sacred Heart (Humanoids Inc.) Story: Alexandro Jodorowsky Illustration: Moebius Colouring: Florence Breton, Daniel Cacouault, Zoran Janjetov and Scarlet Smulkowski I came across this strange saga by the sheerest of chance… Continue reading

Proof the art world blows chunks.

This is a post that I think a lot of my peers would be interested in and would relate to – and I mean my peers specifically as the people who write and… Continue reading

It’s World Book Day! Bibliophiles REJOICE!

At last, a holiday (kind of… I still gotta go to work…) that I can conceptually get behind! A day that celebrates books and reading – the love of stories, of learning, of… Continue reading

The Annoyances of Single Guys.

We’ve all had relationships, been single, many have even had periods where random hook-ups were the norm for a time (if it’s your long-term standard then you’re on a whole other continent and… Continue reading

Short Story: Turning Tides

Wow! I didn’t realise until just now how long it’s been since I posted some original fiction up here! The last one was the comedic mystery sci-fi story of Doc Patient and the… Continue reading