Where Star Wars: TFA messed up

Bstar-wars-force-awakens-official-posterefore anyone gets any ideas, I’m going to start this piece by briefly stating my stand on Star Wars in general and then move onto the meat of the article and thereafter you are free to assume whatever you want: I am a Star Wars fan, I watched all of the original three when I was a kid with my Dad who liked them (though only a little) and read quite a few of the old novels from my school library – it’s a franchise that regardless of anything else was always a fun and iconic thing for me and had many great concepts, the jedi and their lightsabers of course being just one huge example. BUT, I’ve always felt that the franchise as a whole has just as many fantastic entries to it as it does rubbish ones, across mediums. Continue reading “Where Star Wars: TFA messed up”


Regarding Indian Comics (Open Letter 2.0)

First of all, I want to give  HUGE thanks to everyone out there. My recent Open Letter regarding the state of affairs in the comic industry here in India, not only got some lively responses here on the blog, but I also saw it being shared by both fellow creators as well as comic-fans on social media and generate some pretty intense and heated discussion – which by the way, were stunningly calm and interesting to read through.
This last bit something that we so rarely see in online discussion that I was just a little bit amazed. Kudos to all who were partaking in the debating!

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Tarantino is a Pokemon – A Hateful Eight review (no spoiler)

I just saw this movie yesterday, in a hall that was as expected, sparsely filled – not a hard thing to imagine with a relatively little publicised and nowhere near as popular by word-of-mouth Tarantino movie here in India.

We have our fans of the film-maker but not all that many.

SO! We come now to The Hateful Eight, the latest in a surprisingly not that long line of films by a film-maker that is more divisive than most who have his level of financial success. His eighth to be precise. Continue reading “Tarantino is a Pokemon – A Hateful Eight review (no spoiler)”


Why JESSICA JONES isn’t “All that!”

Well I’m going to partly prepare for some hate coming my way for this but I think JESSICA JONES was not as great as people are making it out to be – it’s good, don’t get me wrong, but is it great? Would I watch it again? Am I dying for season 2? No, not really.

David-Tennant-Jessica-Jones2For me, with Marvels original series through Netflix efforts, DareDevil (DD from hereon!) remains the standard to beat, flaws and all. Continue reading “Why JESSICA JONES isn’t “All that!””


An open letter to Indian comic readers.

To all my fellow desi comic readers,
I’ve been pondering for years now and am still unable to answer certain dilemmas as a member of the India-indie-comics-scene and part-time publisher, so I’m putting it all out to you, the readers, and want to see what your reactions and thoughts are on these matters.

How Dudeism and Enlightenment are the New Dudeism and Enlightenment

For those of you Dudes out there who don’t know this already, I’m a laid-back, non-theist Dude who just likes to live and let live. Recently I read this article by fellow dude Troy Lambert over HERE and I loved … Continue reading How Dudeism and Enlightenment are the New Dudeism and Enlightenment