[short story] Castles In The Air

“Hey! Eye’s down here!”, she said sternly, pointing down at her lithe, hourglass body. “Yes Mistress!”, nodding joyously, the little man lowered his gaze from her face and proceeded to pay homage to… Continue reading

Thoughts on India’s Independance Day 2015

Patriotism. It’s an amazing thing – like most other systems of belief, it is powerful, inspiring and terrifying all at once. Don’t think it’s a “belief”? But it is, it’s believing in a… Continue reading

Doc Patient and The Prism Sentence

This is the second installment in my “Doc Patient” series of short stories, if you’d like to the first (NOT REQUIRED to read this story) then you can HERE at your liesure. Enjoy!… Continue reading

My “To Don’t” List.

We all know what a “To-Do List” is, it’s something pretty much everyone has made at some point – and many of you still do, I’m sure. It’s amongst the upper echelons of… Continue reading

Having Some Fun With The Justice League!

So… DC Comics has been taking a beating from folks like me lately. For their comics, for the movies… for pretty much everything except the Arrow and The Flash which are actually good… Continue reading

The Dark Knight Prisoners Dilemma

Howdy folks! We’re back for a quick, thought-provoking post on the “Prisoners’ Dilemma” – a philosophical thought exercise that is intriguing, confounding and very engaging if you get into it. It helps I… Continue reading