Succor Punch (Short Story)

Another random little burst of fiction for you folks! This one’s a standalone story about a fist-fight and a potentially cunning plan! Who knows, if you guys like it enough, I might do… Continue reading

New TV Shows 2015 In Review (Part 2)

Aaand we’re back! Thank you for sticking around, I meant to put this out over the weekend but laziness intervened (the villain!) Time for Round-2 of the reviews for the new series that… Continue reading

New TV Shows 2015 In Review (Part 1)

There has been a deluge of new shows – many hotly anticipated and heavily promoted and a few flying below radar. So I decided to take advantage of that and do some reviewing… Continue reading

Vengeance Amidst The Flame (Short Story)

“Kill them all!!!”, roared the Sultan, “Not one man, woman or child will leave this place alive without chains on every appendage!” All around him, his battallion of crack troops ran riot through… Continue reading

Rave of the Butterflies!

While today is indeed just another Monday, nothing special about it, I just felt like being more motivated (than usual) which for me is a tricky term given that I go through peaks… Continue reading

Our 50th post: A nostalgia filled trip down memory lane

Originally posted on deja.revue:
Hello Revuers, I’m proud to announce that this is our 50th post on Deja.Revue! When I started this site with my roommate back in November of 2014 I…