The Annoyances of Single Guys.

We’ve all had relationships, been single, many have even had periods where random hook-ups were the norm for a time (if it’s your long-term standard then you’re on a whole other continent and… Continue reading

Short Story: Turning Tides

Wow! I didn’t realise until just now how long it’s been since I posted some original fiction up here! The last one was the comedic mystery sci-fi story of Doc Patient and the… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Bob! You are still loved!

I’m guessing not many people would know that today is  the birthday of one of the greatest Dude’s of all history – Mr. Bob Marley himself. NOTE: for the sake of having the… Continue reading

How to be a real-life Mega-villain!

Have you ever wanted your own army? Pondered world domination? Thought that things are pretty fucked up and that you and people like you could probably do a better job than the crappy… Continue reading

Four Reads That Changed My Life.

I’ve posted not too long ago about the short-list of books that most influenced/affected my life and my way of thinking in ways that I couldn’t have imagined Well recently a simple initiative… Continue reading

The Briefcase and The Miniskirt

And so it is that we complete another year! Another trip around the ol’ “great ball of fire” in the sky! Another year survived, another year older. Are we any the wiser? Better?… Continue reading