Random thoughts from north of 30

So, I’m a person who likes to let the mind wander, likes to look back at the past, to contemplate and be curious. This can often be a good, enlightening thing – BUT,… Continue reading

Short Story: Them’s The Breaks.

Them’s The Breaks. “God-dammit Reena! I can’t take this anymore!” Bhairav roared as he paced around the room. The room itself looked as though a tornado had hit it, everything was in disarray… Continue reading

Geoff Johns and DC Comics go from “sad” to F.F.S…!

If you are a comic fan and have read mainstream comics in any fashion, I don’t have to explain who Goeff Johns is, BUT on the off chance that you’ve been living in… Continue reading

What Character Alignment are YOU?

I just took a TEST (<- click and take it yourself!) and my results I’m posting here. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of “Character Alignment”, it is: “…a way to determine… Continue reading

[Short Story] Warm Beginnings: A Dark Vedanta Tale

Warm Beginnings (A Dark Vedanta Tale) The sun shone down bright and warm, the skies were a bright blue and all seemed just right in the world. Arya strolled along casually through the… Continue reading

West Papua: Another example of a larger failing.

I’ve been reading bits and piece about this for some time and once again, it’s simultaneously remarkable that such actions exist even in todays more connected and enlightened world and that both the… Continue reading