5 Seriously Dumb Myths About Copyright the Media Should Stop Repeating

I came across this article today and felt compelled to share it – for all my fellow creatives out there, be you writer, artist, sculptor, graffiti artist, musician, dancer or what have you…… Continue reading

2015 Eisner Awards – My picks!

It’s award season!! Well, okay fine, its not a “season” like with some industries, but it’s time for The Eisner Awards and I’m so completely and totally excited! The past couple of years… Continue reading

Rapists or Hateful Cultures? Who is worse?

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Interpreting The “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Trailer.

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Orwells India?

Disclaimer: The following is simply a statement of news and facts as best as I have seen them and not to be taken as an absolute gospel of the way things are –… Continue reading

Conservatism, Racism and Right-wing a result of Low IQ?!

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