Brave New Worlds…

Has anybody ever noticed how we dont really talk about things anymore? The only things that get discussed are things that really dont matter in the long run.
Well the way I see it, blogging is making us look at the world again, every part of it – both the good and the bad.

Well now, how do you start a blog like this?
I wondered for a long time, what do you do in a blog? it seems so easy when you read one but theres so much to write and say that we cant decide what sometimes…
So i figured id make a list of all the things that are on my mind and then get to em one by one.

Thats kinda the idea now, so Im going to list out some of the stuff I plan to rant on here, so anyone else with an opinion is welcome to send it in:

1. I love the idea of God but the concept of religion and particularly what it has become today are real sore points for me. In every religion from Hinduism to Shintoism(Japan for those who are unaware) to Christianity there have been “adjustments” that have over time degraded them and this really needs to be heard.

2. Kids today are rediscovering the positive effects that religion can have and are trying to look past the dogmas and crap that they are force-fed and learning the potential for good that there once was.

3.Personally I think that music is the ultimate thrill in this life and needs to be truly appreciated for all it does and feared for what it can do. Who can forget the likes of Jim Morrison(Doors), Floyd, Hendrix, Public Enemy, Cobain(Nirvana) and recently Coldplay, Incubus and Eminem and the impact that they have had on popular and not-so-popular culture. But a 15 year old kid from the States named Joey Marder said it best when he wrote to a comics editor, “Music has one of the most powerful effects on human emotion. I think that music is unique and that it could solve many world problems.”

4. How did we lose our sense of ethics? In business schools ive heard of teaching students that the ends justify the means, a concept thats heinous at best and we need to teach ourselves whats wrong before its too late.

There will be a LOT of talk on my part about these things among many so stay in touch. And remember, “never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing whats right.”(Isaac Asimov)


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