What are we doing?

For the last 6 years, we’ve all been running scared of whats going to happen in world politics – not to mention the impact on religions, such as many Hindu friends who have told me that there are fears that the Kalyug is here and the Christians who felt that the millenium may have been the doorway to the end of the world. And of course, technology which is now the focal point of humanities existance was also affected, remember Y2K?
I read a lot of articles and blogs and there are way too many people raving about Islamic Jihadis and terrorist agencies. No doubt that it was terrorists but guys please, why pick a particular group out as the culprits and blame them all? Me? Im Hindu by birth, have Christian, Muslim and Buddhist friends and dont really see a whole lot of difference. We need to stop treating people like sheep – just because theres a few black sheep, you dont kill the herd people!?

Besides, there are people who need to realise that terrorists and other assholes like them PICK targets like Ayodhya in India which is a religious hotbed to incite communal tensions and create confusion, and yes – terror too. Like the London blasts that took place last year and the Mumbai blasts recently, the system hit in both cases was mass transit networks. Why? because the English though religious, are not as easily riled about it as we are; not to mention that Americans and Brits place a higher degree of importance on networks, hitting things like the London transport sytem and in 2001 the WTC is simply about doing what terrorists do best – hitting where it hurts. And even India is a growing economy and Mumbai is a major commercial hub, so this strikes at an artery.

We need to be a little more calm and open minded (no i dont mean busting open some heads) and let the truth come out, to give in to these urges and pick the fights is pointless and only drives us further back into the dark ages. Wars of any kind are not the way to reach a better future; parents PLEASE remember that in a few years youre going to be retired and eventually pass on but the world you leave behind is inhabited by your children, leave them something worth living for, our ancestors already did enough dying for generations to come.

On a closing note I want you guys to think about this, I know its just semantics, but bear with me – is not the person whom one man calls terrorist or rebel often called by his own people a freedom fighter? We just need to understand each other better. Believe me, even though it may take time, it will be worth it.

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