This is your idea of a Defense Secretary?!

Folks, I just read the most amazing thing.

Apparently the one and only Donald Rumsfield said that “the nation is facing a new kind of fascism”… no shit Sherlock! According to the LA Times he went so far as to compare the Bush admins critics to those that wanted to pacify the nazis before world war 2, of course that was such a bad thing…

He even said, “can we truly afford to believe that somehow or someway,vicious extremists could be appeased?”

Well all i can say is that, if there is one thing worth doing anything including dying for, its peace. If anyone has read history, read some of the great novels about conflict, or even watched hollywood action flicks – everyone wants to live a peaceful life. How can you criticise those that want to avoid bloodshed?

Even an extremist has something that he/she wants, thats why they fight. We need to know what will make them stop. The irony is that the reason might be actually obvious but no ones realised it or wants to acknowledge it for whatever reason.

On a personal note, i thoroughly dislike Rumsfield, the rest of the Bush admin and the space cadet himself aside. He just gives me the creeps, even more so than Ashcroft, the guy who lost an election to a dead guy… sorry john, thats just one of the single funniest events in all of written history!

How many of you have seen Robin Williams take on Rumsy when he did Broadway live in 2000? For those that havent – he puts up a perfevt Donald expression and says, “I dont know where, I dont know when, but something bads about to happen.” “Uh, hello…? Can I get a clue?What the hell is this? the Central Intuitive Agency?”

Well now that ive completely digressed, ill make my simple point – Going to war doesnt solve problems in the long run, it just makes for a quick fix, study history Rumsy, learn from it, thats why its there!
Bottom line, Rumsfield is a jackass and doesnt know the first thing about being a good human. He may be a good politician, but a sad excuse for a human being. And the ‘fascism’ that the US is facing seems to be residing in Pennsylvania Avenue…

But hey thats just my opinion…

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