What can i say?

Hey blogsphere, hows it hangin?

Today i decided to shamelessly plug one of my many hobbies to all of you out there, though i know that may will at first say”shite” and skip to the next blog, there are still those that will appreciate the things on my mind.

I refer to the world of comics and graphic novels. Unlike most peoples ideas, these are two very different things. Graphic novels are just that – novels told using the graphic art medium such as V for Vendetta and Watchmen(my favourite!). Comics on the other hand are an old and very popular form of childrens entertainment. The thing is though that over time theyve gone through a kind of metamorphosis and evolved (like everything else) into a number of different species, one of which is graphic novels.

You still have your standard good vs. evil and Archie and Jughead(always liked him better) type for kids, and always will. But then you also have the type that are grown up versions of the old favourites like the Knightfall and KnightQuest storylines in Batman as well as the critically acclaimed (didnt expect to hear that in the same sentance as comics didya?) work by Sin City’s Frank MillerDark Knight Returns. I wont list them all out now, cos, well i can only write so much.

But anyway, this is the progress and change in print comics, but now you have a new breed of online comic artists like John Lustig who draw some pretty entertaining stuff which is not for kids

And then you have the like of Jeff Swenson who runs one of the funniest pages ive ever had the joy of reading, The Cynic and Frenetic Wanderings which he updates weekly, respect to him, and now im gonna leave you guys with one of his more recent and very amusing works…

Cheers all…

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