Guess Id better saddle up!

Well, after 5 weeks in the middle of nowhere with nothin but books and music to keep me company, its about time i was headin home for a break!

another 2 days and I head back to the hot an heavy and maddenning pace of the big city once more! Dont even know if im really ready for it, but since when does that matter… after 5 weeks of intense intellectualisation and (relative) sobriety its time, once again, to get on board my old freight train to insanity.

Of course this trips made me realise that im a BAD influence no matter where i go, used to think city guys were just more susceptible, but guess not! Even here Ive found guys twice my age who want to drink, but never really did, like they were just waiting for me to turn up so that they could start sitting till all unholy hours of the night with their bottles emptying and their spirits floating.

Im like the seed of destruction! HA! thats a good one! Im gonna remember that! now to see how much havoc I can wreak when I get back to Dilli-O-Dilli!

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