Return of the dude…

Well, finally after a month or so, Im back in the hood so to speak… Well what can I say, its been surreal.

Being in a small ass place you completely lose track of the hectic pace and the intense lifestyle of a Dilli… I was so centred and now this! Dont get me wrong, I love this town and its home but I got this wierd love/hate with this town, cant explain it…

But first night back in town, chilled with the old boys and got back into the feel of the town. Diwali was pretty chilled and easy goin for the most part, spent lotsa time with the familia since that was more or less the whole point of comin back. Now Im gettin set to head back outta town.

Back to the intense work, the long hours of chillin and intensely cerebrating and being spaced out. Not really as bad as it sounds yknow. Like the governator once said, “Ill be back!”

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