To each his own.

A while ago I had someone write to me in response to one of my articles saying that “Mohammed was no prophet” or something to that effect. Well as this present blog title suggests, I believe that everyone is entitled to his own belief about anything and everything.
This is a philosophy that most people on Earth do follow unknowingly to a fairly large extent. However, the problem is that most people do it more because these days we dont really want to be involved in anything that could reflect badly or ‘rock the boat’, when we should be doing it out of the sense of tolerance that all us democratic hypocrites believe so much in. I mean, all it takes is one bad event to make us throw this idea out the window and become a raging mob that runs over anything in the way.
Developed countries like the US and the UK, and up and coming ones like our India, are a strange breed. We are the pinnacles of democracy and equal rights and yet we have issues with free speech on select “sensitive” topics and our vaunted tolerance is more a show put on for public benefit rather than to actually try and get along. So many people are spread across the world now. We look to cities that are melting pots like New York for examples on what we might be, without realising that the entire planet is now one huge melting pot.
Now heres the catch… we are not iron ore or metal, we cannot be melted and mingled… I read in (of all places) a comic book, a dialogue by a supervillain trying to conquer Earth (again), “Do you know why there are so many races and so many planets trying to take over this rock? Have you not wondered what makes this world such a coveted gem? Its because all other races have developed unified cultures and one identity. Earth on the other hand, though torn, retains a multitude of cultures and beliefs, all at the same time. It is this uniqueness that makes it such a prize.”
Now perhaps I may have been a little off in my quoting, but basically it is gets the message across. We would not be what we are without the differences that make us who we are. So much of humanities greatest progress has come out of conflict and times of strife, the irony being that each time we paid for it heavily with innocent human lives. If you are religious, consider it – if God gives with one hand, he takes with the other… Nothing of true value in this life comes without some price, thats life… the question that all the holy warriors and righteous defenders of democracy need to ask themselves is – “Is this worth it?”
You hear everyday about some mother protesting the war on Iraq, and you had countless people protesting the war in Afghanistan. They are the voice of reason that we do not want to hear with the bloodlust of war upon us. The biggest problem with the wars we are fighting today are that we are fighting as though we were in Medieval times, where you could wage guerilla war against the enemy and hurt them. Im sure that works fine for the most part, but now there is a huge price to pay in human lives and personally that is just not worth it. Ill give em this much, at least in the past, if an army had to fight, it would meet with the enemy on a battlefield, face to face, no innocents or ‘leverage’ in the way…
Today, we have one army that lobs bombs and drops missiles from miles away, and the other one stealing planes and bombs and causing devastation in cities and the like. Both sides are fighting a cowards war. Say what you will about me, but I believe with all I have that we need to change a lot of things about ourselves before things get any better.

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