Something a little new…?

I decided a while ago to start a new blog and write about something very dear to me… Before anybody jumps to conclusions… Im referring to reading and books specifically!

So as of now, there will be posts on this blog dedicated to the literary world.

There will probably be no bestsellers reviewed here, but instead books that are intriguing and are remembered for more than the immediate years post publication! I refer to the Huxleys, Herberts, Whites, Moores and the like.

The Complete Fawlty Towers
– John Cleese and Connie Booth

For the benefit of all and sundry (and my own amusement) Ive chosen a book thats not quite a book… But its bloody enjoyable all the same!
How many folks out there used to watch the old british comedy shows on TV? The “Brit-coms” as it were. Well in any case, Im sure most of you who appreciate really good comedy that stays with you all know John Cleese, the sarcastic, and multi-faceted comic actor. Here’s an additional bit of info, he used to be a charter member of the notorious Monty Python crew for those keeping score at home!
Well Fawlty Towers was (way back in the day!) his biggest show on his own, and till today is cosidered one of the most famous and funniest Brit-coms of all time. This little book is an anthology of the series, episode by episode, and is full of every bit of madness that made the show such a laugh riot.
You have here every character from the money-grubbing and cynical Basil Fawlty (Cleese) the co-owner of Fawlty Towers hotel with his wife, the shrewish and exceedingly aggravating Sybil; reading the hilariously caustic dialogue between the Fawlty’s, you feel certain that ones going to kill the other sooner or later. Then theres the smart and funny waitress/maid/allrounder Polly (Booth) who adds the only little bit of sense in an otherwise insane series and the absolutely idiotic Manuel who speaks no english and is amazingly still alive considering how often Basil almost kills him.
You have every gut-busting moment from the hotel inspectors, to Basil getting sozzled and doing insane hitler impressions for stodgy old Germans, to him tossing Manuel into a burning kitchen and the ever notorious Basil the rat (Manuels loved pet). of course who could possibly forget the image of Basil standing by the side of the road and bashing his malfunctioning vehicle with a tree branch (for those who have no clue what the f*@# Im talking about Im putting that picture here for fun, enjoy!).

If you want a good laugh and want to look intellectual with a book in hand without having to actually think about what youre reading, theres no way that you can give this a miss!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    >OMG i loooooved fawlty towers!! the memories! i still use manuel’s “i kno naaatheeng!” in day to day conversations!

  2. The Dude says:

    >hahaha! me too, when i can anyway…cheers..

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