>I like movies again!


Hey Folks,
For some time now Ive been pretty dissapointed with movies, apart from a very select few that have been classy and really good movies, the last couple of years has seen (in my opinion) a slight decline in quality cinema. Whether youre talking brilliant drama, truly funny comedy or great blockbuster worth the ticket price, we’ve seen some pretty lame attempts by movie studios – in bollywood definately and now in hollywood as well.
But now it seems good things are coming on a wind of change.

First up we have the summer kicking off with the AWESOME war flick ‘300 based on the graphic novel by Sin City creator Frank Miller which I cant wait to see when it releases here in India on the 16th. From all samples, it should be a total blast and looks like a mad rush for action freaks!

Then there Gwoemul(The Host), directed by Joon-ho Bong which is a chinese language film, but if the buzz is any indicator, is set to be one of the most “watch out for this” movies of the summer. Dont know if its coming to India though…

Well, I dont know how many of you are comic type people, but I am (have been since I was a little kid, and well, like most men I dont think I ever really grew up)…

In any case, after the not so scorching Ghost Rider (i did like the flaming skull effect and his bike though) the 3rd Spiderman movie is finally on its way into the theatres! Not only were the first 2 flicks great fun, but the 3rd has the mega added bonus of featuring 2 of my favourite villains of all time: Venom and the Sandman!
One of my friends in a group of fanboys of which I am a member provided this link http://iesb.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2016&Itemid=99 to the concept art and some other pics that really made me want to see the movie even more badly.

And then theres the likes of The Number 23 starring Jim Carrey and Virginia Madsen and directed by Joel Shumacher which should be a good fix for pure drama buffs. In this flick, a man (Carrey) becomes obsessed with a book that appears to be based on his life but ends with a murder that has yet to happen in real life.

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  1. >ok. 300 is AWESOME. it sucks you in and thralls every one of your senses.number 23. meh.looking forward to spiderman myself. though the first 2 parts were not great shakes.haven’t heard of the chinese flick but if you like that genre do look out for the suicide club. it’s oldish but deathly bizarre.end of unsolicited opinion.

  2. blow says:

    >oh i completely agree.. bollywood has surely gone in the dumbs.. and hollywood is not far behind.. but only in terms of mainstrem cinema. the “alternative” bit is churning out some good stuff! tho the ast couple of months have seen decent stuff in bollywood as well.. giving hope for future cinematic endeavours! heh… you didnt like ghost-rider? havent seen it yet.. but i was keen on seeing it.. darn.. lookin forward to spidreman tho.. i think “the sandman” is the wickedest super-villian ever! :Pyou in india? wudnt have imagined somehow.

  3. Renovatio says:

    >I finally saw serenity… liked it…

  4. The Dude says:

    >hobo:opinions appreciated, unsolicited usually makes for more interestin and honest interaction… will check out suicide club, and just so you know, havent actually SEEN number 23, but something in the story has potential and ill watch it just once to test the water…blow:glad we agree on that, and yes in both hollywood and bollywood there is hope yet, but the problem is that unlike their foreign counterparts, the desi filmy folk arent exactly.. shall we say… experimental. and when the box office hasnt been blazing, theyre even moe reluctant. On an added note, its not that i didnt like ghost rider, but im a comic fanboy and well, they simply hollywooded it too much and killed the darker and more intense story and made it a little too romatic type… if you dont know the comics, youll love it.renovatio:dude, its about time! only liked?

  5. Renovatio says:

    >It was the essence of the entire night… I wrote about it

  6. serendipity says:

    >I so dearly miss my movie buff days…when i used to watch everything under the sun, first day first show and ah those movie marathons!Well I am just as kicked to watch 300 and Number 23…Spiderman 3 is another story all together, it looks good and sounds good…i just hope it doesn’t turn out to be a dud! Im kindaa disillusioned right now, after watching one of my fave actors Nicholas Cage in the atrocious Ghost Rider 😦

  7. >i can’t cope with nick cage’s hairdo in ghost rider. i thought shooting chinchillas was illegal now.

  8. >suicide club is gory and what fuck like along the same lines as oldboy. i like twisted east asian psychological thrillers. a lot. i’d also recommend “los lunes al sol” (mondays to the sun), it’s a spanish film about 4 men who lose their jobs in shipping town when the firm decides to relocate to south korea. it’s scathingly funny. and similarly warped as “the squid and the whale”. or even “crazy” which is this french canacidan film about a boy and his relationship with his father and how it is marred since the father thinks he’s gay. but it’s never resolved for the viewer whether he’s gay or not. you gotta watch these movies. someone gotta watch these movies.espeically suicide club. it put me in depression and i need someone to talk about it to. at the time my only recourse was my danish then bf whose english allowed him to only articulate “the japanese are fucked up!” they are dude. they are.end of unsolicited yet welcome opinion.

  9. The Dude says:

    >serendipity:I know exactly how you feel…i used to be a crazy movie buff but kinda lost it in the lst couple of years, so now have decided to begin my affair with celluloid anew! (hence this post)hobo:i think that cage wanted to have hair on his head in at least ONE movie, irrespective of what species must perish!I will definately watch as many of these as I can and get back to you.. im leavin my little village for a few days and headin to b’lore so will track down what I can. And yes, the japs are really, really fucked! cool.. but FUCKED!cheers…

  10. SB says:

    >”300″ is awesome man. But something else that I watched yesterday and thought was equally amazing was Mel Gibson’s “Apcolypto”. In case you’re bored of the regular movie themes, this Aztec era/native american action flick kept me gripped to my seat.

  11. The Dude says:

    >Yeah man, Apocalypto is supposed to be really something else, apparantly they even speak in the old aztec in the movie!Looking forward to it.Another one worth watchin is The Prestige, gripping, intriguing and beautifully put together.But unquestionably the best movie of the year goes to… 300!!!!

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