>Oh man! This past weekend was absolutely one of the most fun Ive had in bloody ages!

For those that dont know me outside this here blogsphere, Ive just returned from watching the last leg of Iron Maidens “Matter of Life and Death” Tour and it was – in a word – Spectacular!

Anyone who says that Maiden is getting old and all that can just kiss my ass ‘cos Ive been watchin rock shows for years and the energy and intensity from the band members and what they generated amongst us in the audience was better then any show Ive been to in a very long while.

Ive never been what you’d call a metal head, but Maiden was something that my fiends and I (sorry friends!) grew up with and this is one of those moments that you have to go for, just a few hours in my sad little life that I will remember for decades – and something I can turn and recall when my own children tell I aint cool! Its a little cheesy sure, but I got such a kick out of buying myself a Tshirt made specially for the event, something that no store is going to be selling. Its a variance of the “Different World” art work and I just love it!

Oh man, listenin to all the classics like The Trooper, Hallowed be thy name, Fear of the Dark, The number of the beast and others and some from the new album all mixed together was an experience I wouldnt trade in for anything. Getting to scream every line along with Bruce Dickinson 15 odd feet from the stage and headbang until I couldnt feel my spine anymore and then just as I go numb to suddenly feel the next bolt of energy as the performance would continue… I can barely describe the things I felt that evening!

For those of you that caught it, I dont need words to tell you anything, you were there! And those that missed it, well I feel sad for you, but on the bright side, maybe you can catch em again when they come back next year? Oh yeah, theyre planning a return… the Eddfest will be back!


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  1. >I must admit that I am not much of a Maiden fan but the cover of Matter of Life and Death’s cd was good.

  2. The Dude says:

    >true, true… didja know that the art for that cover was done by the guy that did the artwork for The Punisher comics? and little extra trivia, this is the first maiden cover ever that didnt have edd on it in some form!

  3. >oh i thought the guy atop the tank is Eddie. thats what i thought coz he looks like him.

  4. >dude, not to offend you but the figure atop the tank is indeed Eddie. I just checked wikipedia and a couple of sites.

  5. The Dude says:

    >well chances are that theres some lack of clarity on that issue, but to the best of my knowledge (and i was one of the folks that recieved and heard the album before it was released) its not Eddie, and given that its not a zombie, its an animated skeleton, its not Eddie…even in fear of the dark where he’s part of a tree, he’s still a zombie.though on the cover for the singles Different World (which i think i put on my blog here at some point) and Reincarnation of… Eddie is definately there.

  6. InExile says:

    >iron maiden !!wo hoo !!!!!they did rock !!tears welled up my eyes !

  7. The Dude says:

    >inexile:I know what you mean, I was so close to tears, but the moment the headbanging started my tearglands got rocked into silence 🙂

  8. Arvind Gopal says:

    >Dude all i can say is that it was just phenomenal and that i got to enjoy that evenin with soni and u just made that evenin worth remembering as one of the best times ive had!!! cheers brother untill next time!!

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