>Ti-i-i-ime, aint on my side…


Oh Bloody Hell! Its good to be back! !

Its been the most unbelievably aggravating few months recently and there have been times Ive wanted to pull my hair out, put it back and pull it out again!!
I had thought that returning to Delhi would have been great, home again and all that. It never occured to me what a challenge it would turn into!
Moving back to home entailed living at home until I could nail down a job here, part time and freelance work is all well and good and Id have loved to do solely that, but in a city like this you need to have a more reliable and decently sized chunk of income.. not easy to come by here.. This is the city of Jugad, as anyone whos lived here will know, its one of Delhis more interesting characteristics. Its not really what you know – Its who you know, how you know them.
And then theres the dilemma of dealing with being at home itself.. After living alone, by my own will and free of so many social etiquettes and niceties that we all live with obliviously as children (most of the time anyhow!). But now this takes on a whole new life, dunno about you folks out there but I find it a task to do the day to day things that are ‘expected’ of you. Dont take this the wrong way, I love my folks and am happy to do pretty much anything on earth for them, but Im not used to having to spend time with each other everyday and the being responsible in the college sense of ‘where are you going and when are you coming back?’ for everything and having to coordinate what I do and when I do it with 3 other people!

But enough with the ranting folks, Im here to thank those that have stuck by this little hidey-hole of mine and been supportive and great folks to know, and also to begin my return to regular blogging (now that I can afford a regular line of net access of my own).
I also figured after dissapearing for such a long time I owed at least to give you guys an update on whats been up and whats in the pipeline as best I can, so here goes:
Ive been writing quite a bit, finished my book and several pending short stories. (Finally!!!) Now Im finding a publisher, been talking to a few folks and theres a good chance that something will come to life soon. Hope springs eternal right? Well thats one thing, other then that theres several jobs in the pipeline, but its the having patience and dealing with the people that keep asking what youre doing and getting after you ass about it that makes you get pissed of and get depressive a lot of the time. But Im finding ways to deal, my friends help a great deal… makes me think a lot about Joe Cockers track from Woodstock, you know the one that goes “With a little help from my friends” – it takes on a whole new meaning these days.
On an additional note, Im also in the process of writing my own comic/graphic novel and have found a great artist and a friend whos a graphic designer and we’re doing this at like light speeds. 

As promised, Im uploading one of the near final artworks for my (hopefully) coming soon comic series. This is the main character, havent picked a name yet; my friend the artist did an excellent job and imho I think I did a good job with the paint, ink and colours if I do say so myself! Hope you guys like it, lemme know what you think, seriously.

(any slimy bastichs thinking of ripping this off, lay off or Ill sue your ass and then beat it seven shades of black and blue.. This image is copyrighted to myself and the artist.)

Ill be back soon and post more amusing things and some in other areas of thought and feeling, so stick around and lets see what transpires shall we?

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  1. >To think that you just posted something highly inspiring on my page, urging me there’s a silver lining out there. And here I see you talking of the things I dread. Hee hee…Good to see you back..I’m waiting for the amusing stuff 🙂

  2. The Dude says:

    >lostlittlegirl:Thanks for the welcome home, good to see Im still remembered and can be forgiven for disappearing so…ah well, its always easier to look at the world and be objective and positive, its never that simple when its you isnt it?but no, I havent lost hope as I mentioned in the post, just needed to vent a little.. As for the amusing stuff, worry not little one, they too shall return, in fact the next post I have in mind is along those very lines.Cheers..

  3. Renovatio says:

    >Shit, I took a page right out of your book and vanished myself. I made myself write. I’m happy. Elated in fact. Guess it’s easier to get busy and get lost, and forget about it all eh? Not healthy, but easier. Safer. Good to see you back man. Let’s see what you’ve kept un-writ all this while.

  4. utopia says:

    >u r back! i was surprised to c a comment from u. :-)start updating soon 🙂

  5. Anki says:

    >good to have you backn get published quick se!!!

  6. >Well, am visiting this page for the first time, however I did learn that you had stopped blogging. Anyhow, I agree with Lostlittegirl, I too am waiting for the ‘amusing stuff’. As for the illustration of your comic character: good job!

  7. The Dude says:

    >renovatio:heh, yeah we all need to do these things.. im a little moody and nuts so it happens to me more often. but alls better for the moment so lets see what transpires eh?utopia:thanks, yeah, its great to be back and see so many friends still remember lil ol me! theres much more to come promise. till then..anki:thanks, and im trying real hard, i promise! :)five_silver_rings:welcome to the mad house! :Dhow did you hear about my stopping? im curious…worry not, as stated already, much more to come, and thanks, we worked hard on that character!Cheers all!

  8. Req says:

    >Hey mate nice to see ya back ! about the image i thought the image was ok. prob was with the eyes..for a character whose fac is masked they reflect everything ! have you seen any anime ? might help !

  9. serendipity says:

    >hey you, finally some new words! ok, on a serious note, my associate editor is very clued in with all the major publishers in town and she has a keen eye for good material since she used to write and edit books herself. plus, she is a sweetheart who is always happy to help, so if you want some help, just holler and i’ll put you in touch with her!and secondly, thanks for your comment on my post. and hope to see more from you. cheers!

  10. The Dude says:

    >req:yeah, i know, its not finished yet and the eyes are a major part of the image so i was leaving it till the end.and yes, i watch a lot of anime. theres some amazingly sad garbage out there, but every once in a while theres some spellbinding stuff.serendipity:thanks, i try and come by whenever i find the will to do so. its like a little escape every time i need an out. id love to meet your editor, im still shopping for a publisher, havent found one, got a ‘maybe’ and am waiting on it, but not banking. If you think your friend would be open to it, I think it would be great. though are you talking about the book or the comic or both?as fars my comment goes, well like ive said before – anytime, its what i do. and as always, i ll try and be more regular, but in the immortal words of popeye the sailor man, “I y’am what I y’am, and thats all that I y’am!”

  11. mystic rose says:

    >That’s wonderful news!! The writing and the graphic novel… will keep an eye out for it. Let me know.

  12. serendipity says:

    >Hey sorry have been MIA for a while, work is crazy hectic right now with a new edition launch. I was talking about the book, lemme know a bit about it and I’ll speak to my associate editor the moment she gets back to town…cheers!

  13. serendipity says:

    >Hey, just send me your email id as a blog post comment…i have comment moderation, so it won’t show up in the blog. will speak with my ed and get in touch with you then. cheers 🙂

  14. Inkpot says:

    >Don’t talk to me about living at home. Yes, I love my family, but sometimes you need a little space and being an adult living with your parents is tough. I love the pic of your m.c. Good luck with your writing and the comic.

  15. The Dude says:

    >wow, you really did go back into my archives!nice to have you here inkpot! the more the merrier.heh, nice to meet someone else who understands the difference between loving them and wanting to run away from em! :Dthanks, Im glad you like the pic, took some work and in fact theres been some changes and fine-tuning since this was up but basics remain the same. stick around, there will be news updates from time to time, definately if something good happens!Cheers.

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