>Well Ive been in and out of reality for some time now, trying to make head or tail of a life that is fast passing me by…
I have yet to make headway there but that’s another story.. Right now I wanted to share with you all some interesting stuff Ive uncovered.

Now Im sure there are many of you that are following the US presidential elections cos, lets face it, the outcome of this affects everyone!
By default I tend to lean a little toward Obama, not because I buy that he is the answer to all problems – though the guy has a lot of good points and say what you will but an intelligent black man as president would be a HUGE step forward, specially if he was even halfway decent once elected. Mostly I would go with him for the same reasons I sided with Kerry last election – from where I stand, he seems to be the lesser of 2 evils. (no disrespect to either candidate but I don’t like politicians as a rule and there’s too much dirt in the air for me to say I like either completely.)
My problem with McCain is:
1. At the end of the day, no matter how much of a Maverick he is, internal party politics are a pain in the arse and we all know this, there’s only so much he can buck the party mandate, sooner or later in one area or another he will have to toe the line and then we are heading right back to Bush territory. Which brings me to the next point..
2. He is old and may in some probability not live to see his presidency through and the last thing any of us need is to have that air-headed cartoon Sarah Palin running the most powerful country in the world – a world by the way she doesn’t know a heckuva a lot about! I think my 12 year old cousin knows more about foreign policy than her.

Here some amusing videos Ive come across that i think you will all get a kick out of:

John Cleese on Sarah Palin
(info:An interview for http://www.seesmic.com. The former Monty Python star shares his unsparing thoughts and views about vice presidential nominee, Sarah Palin.)

Cleese is hands down one of my all time favourite funny-men. A real class act!

Sarah Palin: An introduction

I hope you guys found those as informative and amusing as I did! 😀


just thought id drop in an update.
been going nuts looking for a new artist now that my old one has relocated to the UK.
he still wants to work with me and has been emailing me but it was hard enough getting him to do stuff on time while in the same city, i cant imagine what it’ll be like if I try and do this from across the globe. For now Im only going to do the non-time bound stuff with him.
But its getting a little frustrating cos I don’t have time anymore!
I need to make time somehow to do 2 scripts for my comics plus try and push my friends who are supposed to help me find a contact in publishing for my book.
Not to mention that the comic publisher has told me (and I quote, literally): “I am certainly interested in the project you are working on and when you have a finished product our company could evaluate the possibility of publishing it under our label as a joint owned creative. However, at this point, we are not in a position to work on the development stage (artwork or writing) of projects outside of ********* (withheld for privacy). With film and TV, as well as specialised content and possible mini-series, our in-house team of artists and writers are fully taken up with this project for the forseeable future.

I hope you understand our position on this. On the other hand I am certainly interested in what you are working on and hope you will send me regular updates on your progress. At the point where you are ready to show me some of your project, I will be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement.” and it goes on after that..

I get his problem as they are in the middle of a big project with lots of stuff to do but cmon! I’m a guy that has never written a comic before, never drawn one, I’ve taught myself Photoshop usage and bought a graphic pad to work it properly and am willing to take on a lot of the workload (i do everything except the initial pencils, those my artist does/did) but I cant create an entire comic book pretty much on my own.


OK, that feels a little better getting that off my chest, though not much.

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  1. >Awww. Huggss…work stress baba, didn’t know you did comics! That’s really quite cool, good to have you back..I’m sure the publishing and everything else will fall into place soon. And I like Palin’s spectacles. Lol. That should say a lot of her qualifications.

  2. >JESUS YOU ARE LIKE A COMIC MAKER?:OI am AWESTRUCK!!I am this huge fan of Frank Miller and Gaiman and blah…but dude…NICE!!:DwishesSCribblers Inc.P.S.-can I see your stuff? Like really??

  3. The Dude says:

    >@lostlittlegirlhey thanks sweets, much obliged and always appreciated!Yeah, being a writer and a bit of a fanboy I guess it was inevitable that I would dabble in the graphic medium but I guess i always wanted to. Glad to be back, I mean to drop in as often as I can and dont worry, Im pissed and low on patience but hope springs eternal (i use that line a lot but it helps..)if you liked this palin post, wait till i get to the next one! 😀 got some real doozies to post up!@scribblers inchey, good to have a new face here. yes, i am a comic maker or at least trying to be.. its an amazingly hard industry to break into, now more than ever before. im flattered, if you want to see a sample of what Ive been working on go back into my archives over the last month or 2 – theres not many posts – but one of em has some of my prelim art-work on an idea im currently pitching to a 4n publisher. Im a HUGE Gaiman fan myself, him and Warren Ellis are like my idols (and of course Alan Moore, the godfather) and Miller has been an icon. If you want any heads up on stuff to read and all, lemme know.Cheers all!

  4. utopia says:

    >i don’t like johm mcain either for obvious reasons and also cos mcain and palin together insist on maligning obama’s name and they play dirty and palin jus a pretty face. best of luck with ur comic :-)! hang in there.

  5. The Dude says:

    >thanks utopia, have no fear, Im still around and dont think will be going anywhere anytime soon. 😉 heck, how boring would peoples lives be without me to toss the shark into the pool every now and then? things need to be interesting! :DI agree about McCain and Palin, I dont mind him so much though, but his party blows.

  6. Inkpot says:

    >Good luck with the comics. I hope you manage to get everything sorted. It is great you have someone interested, even if they aren’t giving you any help. You like Gaimen and Firefly – you are a person with taste, my man. I’m off now to search through your archives and find some of your work.

  7. The Dude says:

    >why thank you milady!im flattered you approve of my taste, its rare in my finding to meet someone who shares my interests where Im from. Somehow, somwhere I do believe it all sorts out so stick around and i’ll keep you posted!cheers!

  8. Inkpot says:

    >Of course it will sort out Dude, I look forward to buying your comics one day soon. :)As to finding someone with your interests – it is funny, but I find it very hard to find someone who shares my interests where I’m from too! Most people in my area boast if someone in their family read a book once. Ah well, at least there is the internet!

  9. The Dude says:

    >thanks, hope that day comes sooner rather than later! I know what you mean, most of my friends would surprise me if they read more than a book a year (if that) and it never ceases to amaze me. nice to meet another like mself. long live the net eh? it does have its benefits! 😀

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