>The more things change..


I came across this amidst my usual random meanderings and thought that it touched on some really relevant points. I talk often about how people dont learn and the more things change, the more they stay the same. And (yes somewhat hyprocritical if you think about it) I also talk a lot about evolution and change and how it is constant. I know, its a paradox and one I spend a lot of time trying to resolve, but in the end life itself remains a paradox in every sense – and in some senses that we dont even know we have yet.

But that is for another time. For now, I find one of those rare occassions when I can showcase change, how things are different. For the better? You decide, thats your freedom of choice and opinion and Id prefer you using what I post as a means to your own ends – learn something new and better yourself in any way you deem fit.

For now, I leave you with this most interesting and entertaining little (ok, not so..) list that should give pause for thought, give a chuckle or two and maybe, just maybe really make you take notice of so many things that get taken for granted – and realise that these too are but the tip of the iceberg, life is too short to be narrow of mind and limited of thought. Remember:

The voyage of discovery lies not in finding new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
– Marcel Proust

The Beloit College Mindset List for the Class of 2013

Most students entering college for the first time this fall were born in 1991.

If the entering college class of 2013 had been more alert back in 1991 when most of them were born, they would now be experiencing a severe case of déjà vu. The headlines that year railed about government interventions, bailouts, bad loans, unemployment and greater regulation of the finance industry. The Tonight Show changed hosts for the first time in decades, and the nation asked “was Iraq worth a war?” Each August since 1998, Beloit College has released the Beloit College Mindset List. It provides a look at the cultural touchstones that shape the lives of students entering college. It is the creation of Beloit’s Keefer Professor of the Humanities Tom McBride and Emeritus Public Affairs Director Ron Nief. It is used around the world as the school year begins, as a reminder of the rapidly changing frame of reference for this new generation. It is widely reprinted and the Mindset List website at hxxp://www.beloit.edu/mindset/ receives more than 300,000 hits annually. As millions of students head off to college this fall, most will continue to experience the economic anxiety that marked their first two years of life just as it has marked their last two years of high school. Fears of the middle class–including their parents–about retirement and health care have been a part of their lives. Now however, they can turn to technology and text a friend: “Momdad still worried bout stocks. urs 2? PAW PCM”. Members of the class of 2013 won’t be surprised when they can charge a latté on their cell phone and curl up in the corner to read a textbook on an electronic screen. The migration of once independent media—radio, TV, videos and CDs—to the computer has never amazed them. They have grown up in a politically correct universe in which multi-culturalism has been a given. It is a world organized around globalization, with McDonald’s everywhere on the planet. Carter and Reagan are as distant to them as Truman and Eisenhower were to their parents. Tattoos, once thought “lower class,” are, to them, quite chic. Everybody knows the news before the evening news comes on. Thus the class of 2013 heads off to college as tolerant, global, and technologically hip…and with another new host of The Tonight Show. For these students:

  1. Martha Graham, Pan American Airways, Michael Landon, Dr. Seuss, Miles Davis, The Dallas Times Herald, Gene Roddenberry, and Freddie Mercury have always been dead.
  2. Dan Rostenkowski, Jack Kevorkian, and Mike Tyson have always been felons.
  3. The Green Giant has always been Shrek, not the big guy picking vegetables.
  4. They have never used a card catalog to find a book.
  5. Margaret Thatcher has always been a former prime minister.
  6. Salsa has always outsold ketchup.
  7. Earvin “Magic” Johnson has always been HIV-positive.
  8. Tattoos have always been very chic and highly visible.
  9. They have been preparing for the arrival of HDTV all their lives.
  10. Rap music has always been main stream.
  11. Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream has always been a flavor choice.
  12. Someone has always been building something taller than the Willis (née Sears) Tower in Chicago.
  13. The KGB has never officially existed.
  14. Text has always been hyper.
  15. They never saw the “Scud Stud” (but there have always been electromagnetic stud finders.)
  16. Babies have always had a Social Security Number.
  17. They have never had to “shake down” an oral thermometer.
  18. Bungee jumping has always been socially acceptable.
  19. They have never understood the meaning of R.S.V.P.
  20. American students have always lived anxiously with high-stakes educational testing.
  21. Except for the present incumbent, the President has never inhaled.
  22. State abbreviations in addresses have never had periods.
  23. The European Union has always existed.
  24. McDonald’s has always been serving Happy Meals in China.
  25. Condoms have always been advertised on television.
  26. Cable television systems have always offered telephone service and vice versa.
  27. Christopher Columbus has always been getting a bad rap.
  28. The American health care system has always been in critical condition.
  29. Bobby Cox has always managed the Atlanta Braves.
  30. Desperate smokers have always been able to turn to Nicoderm skin patches.
  31. There has always been a Cartoon Network.
  32. The nation’s key economic indicator has always been the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
  33. Their folks could always reach for a Zoloft.
  34. They have always been able to read books on an electronic screen.
  35. Women have always outnumbered men in college.
  36. We have always watched wars, coups, and police arrests unfold on television in real time.
  37. Amateur radio operators have never needed to know Morse code.
  38. Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Latvia, Georgia, Lithuania, and Estonia have always been independent nations.
  39. It’s always been official: President Zachary Taylor did not die of arsenic poisoning.
  40. Madonna’s perspective on Sex has always been well documented.
  41. Phil Jackson has always been coaching championship basketball.
  42. Ozzy Osbourne has always been coming back.
  43. Kevin Costner has always been Dancing with Wolves, especially on cable.
  44. There have always been flat screen televisions.
  45. They have always eaten Berry Berry Kix.
  46. Disney’s Fantasia has always been available on video, and It’s a Wonderful Life has always been on Moscow television.
  47. Smokers have never been promoted as an economic force that deserves respect.
  48. Elite American colleges have never been able to fix the price of tuition.
  49. Nobody has been able to make a deposit in the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).
  50. Everyone has always known what the evening news was before the Evening News came on.
  51. Britney Spears has always been heard on classic rock stations.
  52. They have never been Saved by the Bell
  53. Someone has always been asking: “Was Iraq worth a war?”
  54. Most communities have always had a mega-church.
  55. Natalie Cole has always been singing with her father.
  56. The status of gays in the military has always been a topic of political debate.
  57. Elizabeth Taylor has always reeked of White Diamonds.
  58. There has always been a Planet Hollywood.
  59. For one reason or another, California’s future has always been in doubt.
  60. Agent Starling has always feared the Silence of the Lambs.
  61. “Womyn” and “waitperson” have always been in the dictionary.
  62. Members of Congress have always had to keep their checkbooks balanced since the closing of the House Bank.
  63. There has always been a computer in the Oval Office.
  64. CDs have never been sold in cardboard packaging.
  65. Avon has always been “calling” in a catalog.
  66. NATO has always been looking for a role.
  67. Two Koreas have always been members of the UN.
  68. Official racial classifications in South Africa have always been outlawed.
  69. The NBC Today Show has always been seen on weekends.
  70. Vice presidents of the United States have always had real power.
  71. Conflict in Northern Ireland has always been slowly winding down.
  72. Migration of once independent media like radio, TV, videos and compact discs to the computer has never amazed them.
  73. Nobody has ever responded to “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”
  74. Congress could never give itself a mid-term raise.
  75. There has always been blue Jell-O.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Mystique says:

    >some changes are good… some are not. sigh. no more kodakchrome.

  2. Shadowthorne says:

    >Change is imminent. People change with the times. Remember the time when a portable phone was as large as a briefcase? We had a saying here; the hand phone large enough to kill a dog when thrown.

  3. The Dude says:

    >@mystiquetrue, true.. @shadowthornethey do, but not always, and not always as expected/hoped! and yes, I remember those wondrous phones quite well! 😀 but I also just remembered the oh-so short lived car phones that were around for a while before the cell phone era dawned.

  4. śrī says:

    >Its amazing how 'we', 'me' are the center of the universe. remember all those movies about preppie young men at school and history? you wonder what they did learn. if it really made all that difference. interesting and nice story. but.

  5. >hahahaha. Some of these made me so warm , I know most of it is pretty American ..but I was just talking to a friend about similar stuff n Doordarshan's 50th anniversary. So many things that one day I will put down on paper…Change is of course good, but I'm glad all of us are from the generation that is witnessing a frightful pace of it, my kids will probably never know the concept of municipal water and will carry trash bags after their pets…. life has already started stinking and am happy atleast some can still recall the wide-eyed years.

  6. >hahahaha. Some of these made me so warm , I know most of it is pretty American ..but I was just talking to a friend about similar stuff n Doordarshan's 50th anniversary. So many things that one day I will put down on paper…Change is of course good, but I'm glad all of us are from the generation that is witnessing a frightful pace of it, my kids will probably never know the concept of municipal water and will carry trash bags after their pets…. life has already started stinking and am happy atleast some can still recall the wide-eyed years.

  7. The Dude says:

    >@sriit is amazing, yes.. @lostlittlegirlglad to amuse, its hard these days to get things done, things all over the world are oscillating wildly and people are trying to get their bearings back. you need a little silliness to put it all back in perspective now and again. and yes, change is always good. and forget my kids, I pity the current generation of kids in schools and colleges who've grown up in a mad world getting rapidly madder.one must never forget childhood and the wonder of it, its what can keep you honest – keep you real.

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