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Ok, so I got some pretty intense and serious replies to my last little rant here, and in responding in the comment section I realised that my reply was HUGE! so Im making this new post, but for those who commented on the last one, I just wanted to let you know that I took a little time to do it, but have replied to all. Thanks for your patience.
So I decided to try something a little different this time – a touch seriousness and a little chilling all in one post, read which part you will, or read it all and have a blog cocktail! Cheers!

Now, Ive been leaving some pretty serious shite out here on my blog the last couple of times out so I thought some lighter stuff and some amusement might be in order.
With that in mind, I have for you folks this video from Collegehumour called “Justice Rats”.. For those that dont get the reference here, this is cartoon clip combining cartoon footage from old school cartoons with some movie dialogue and for fans of ‘Mallrats’ and/or pretty much anything Kevin Smith, you’ll get a good laugh out of this.
In the event that you have never seen this movie or even heard of Kevin Smith, well just watch it with an open mind and you will probably get your share of giggles as well my partially
informed chums! πŸ˜‰


Next up, we have an interview I liked with the oh-so-cute Kristen Bell where she talks about her movies(Forgetting Sarah Marshall – hilarious flick!), tv show (Veronica Mars – great cult hit) and more importantly her love for comics!

Famous Fangirls: Kristen Bell

It gives me a warm glow when people talk honestly about these things and the way she puts it so simply explains a basic love of the genre and what it offers to creators and followers alike.
Oh yeah, for anyone that doesnt know her, this is Kristen:
And lastly, some musings from my ever rambling consciousness..
Psychiatrists often have this concept where if you have a negative thought in your mind like for instance killing someone, then accept who you are in your head and get past it. Yeah, never worked for me. I still want to kill people left right and centre and do some really horrible things – and some exciting – to a great many people from across the planet. If I have a thought about something like that, what good does it do me to ignore them all?
Sure, being a raving psychotic isnt exactly anyone’s goal in life but how do you know? Ive always been someone with a high threshold for things. Dont get me wrong, I get grossed out and scared and happy and giggly and sad and depressed and all the colours of the emotional rainbow become me – I just seem to have better control over them.
Its in the vein of (but let me be clear is not an MCP thing) the whole ‘boys dont cry’ thing.. I do believe that as creatures of intellect and intuition, we have to use our minds to rein in our instinctive responses at times. People do it all the time but mostly without realising it – pretending to be happy for someone else’s sake, looking sad at someone you dont really care abouts funeral, hiding relief or anger for any number of reasons, etc, etc, the list goes on.. am I wrong? All Im saying is that I took this to a more serious level and decided to be more aware of what I do and why I do it – maybe thats a side effect of being a writer, I observe details and people in the world around me and this may just be an extension of that, but it did make me realise that more people should try it.
But I meander again (as is often my habit – thank you for staying with me this long dear readers..)… When I watch a gory movie or read a book about a horrifying character or as sometimes happens when you day dream, imagine strange things.. Like who hasnt thought about offing their boss at least once? Or about punching that annoying person right in the mouth? Or worse? Sometimes it happens and to be honest, I give full credit to that show Ally McBeal for putting it on film where Im talking to someone and suddenly Im so pissed off that in my mind im imagining a bunch of arrows just flying straight into said persons heart.. Brutal, but its in my mind.
I read once somewhere that one in every few hundred people (more or less) is capable of at a moments notice snapping something in their brains and becoming serial killers and mass murderers. Makes you think again about living in a huge city doesnt it? Even if that number was one in a thousand, one in ten thousand (neither of which is true) it would still scare the shit out of most folks.
What Im getting at essentially is that we should never be afraid to let our minds wander, let them roam when you can because a lot of what you hold in your heart without realising it comes when you put yourself on auto-pilot. This is something very, VERY few people would even consider, forget try. In my case I do it lot more by keeping dream journals and when I can, inducing lucid dreams. You’d be amazed at the things you an learn about yourself, your limitations, your motivations, your true desires and your capabilities when you study yourself.
And being afraid to cross a line in the real world is no reason, watch the movie, read the book, play the video game and think hard about your responses and feeling to them. Ask yourself difficult questions – Ive even wondered about torture and killing people, not from a killers point of view, but more like a soldier who is doint so under a duty and love of country, blah, blah.. could you? Would you? And what would that do to you? Could you take the gore or would you piss yourself and break down?
For those who read the type, you might have already had some inkling of where Im coming from with all this, for the rest you should know Im a bit of a Nietzschean (i.e. Im of the Friedrich Nietzsche school of thought for those unaware of who he is..) in my thinking and I was reading his β€œTwilight of the Idols” while on a recent work trip so it reignited certain old debates in my mind. People generally either love him or hate him, but I guess each person is entitled to their own opinions… One thing that springs to mind is something he said to the effect that one must do a thing completely.
To do something in small measures is a failure to start with – if I want to be a thinking, reasoning human being who can grow, I have to study and embrace all parts of myself first. I have to realise that be it minor peccadilloes like cracking your knuckles or farting in your sleep or more serious desires like latent sexual needs that convention does not allow. You may choose tolet that desire overwhelm you like an animals instincts and hungers, or you can be human and control yourself.
You might ask, β€œis it not better to just not know that part of yourself? Why put yourself through all that to repress it again?” Well quite simply, its like Pandora’s box would be my answer. If you are content living as a cog in the machine with no interest in changing anything in yourself – let alone the world around you – then so be it, I concur that ignorance often is bliss. But if you have even a glimpse, there is not going back. Knowledge is a weapon – all knowledge. If you read enough stories or even watch enough movies, you know its the badass hero who’s had the journey of self discovery or faced his/her demons who is the strongest, the best, the one you most want to be or be with (as the case may be). So why should that not apply to the rest of us? Should we not all want to be the most we can? Life is too short in my view to live in a bubble, but again, I believe in freedom of choice so to each his own, now and always.

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  1. Shadowthorne says:

    >…. gosh, you RAMBLE indeed.I think you and me have the same thing for murders and torture. Indiscriminate or not.I always daydream of changing A LOT OF WRONG in this world if I can. Mostly by wholesale killings and nasty demonstrations so people wont repeat the same mistake again.I like the Chinese way of putting a bullet into the head for heavy federal offences. Fear is a mighty thing, it keeps the people in check.As a teacher, sometimes I share my violent views with my students. And they were truly shocked, but agreed that sometimes the world needs a bit of severity to combat the forces of evil. Playing Mr Goody Two Shoes only gets you kicked in the head over and over again.And talking about the movies… the good guys always win in the end… sometimes I'd like to see a different ending, like the Decepticons ripped the heads of all Autobots and make the children of the entire world scream in this nightmare.Oh play nice….

  2. InExile says:

    >"To do something in small measures is a failure to start with"unles it's BDSM.The rack on that girl in the pic .. schweet !!

  3. The Dude says:

    >@shadowthorneyeah, I know.. its a problem but Im trying to work through it.. πŸ˜‰ I think this is what happens to writers who dont have any other outlet.. :PI know what you mean about the day dreams, but I grew out of that some time back when I realised that its not that violence is not the answer, its just that though it helps from time to time, by and large its non-violent solutions that have the longest lasting and deepest impacts. .. well thats not counting genocide – thats long lasting violence, but I would never condone that for anyone or anything.. And yes, fear is powerful – but it also leads to resentment and hatred.. if you can get it, nothing can beat respect, if a leader has respect and love his/her followers will willingly go through hell for them. No amount of fear has the same impact. Never mistake complaince for enthusiasm. ;)But before you think Im a preachy peace-nik, I should let you know that Im considered a great friend and good person but also an evil bastard by people that know me. So long as you are on my good side. And good guys winning.. well people need hope and real life has little enough to spare so I dont hold it against people to have it on film. At least now unlike the 'golden age' of movies and comics there are people dying and loss and not just sugar coated heroism. @inexilewell now if you were in to BDSM then it still applies. there is never reason to chicken out, you wanted it so now live with it. I think its like the saying, "you've made your bed, now lie in it." I think that applies to all things. Of course, definitions of what is the full measure are debatable mostly so again it comes down the people involved, like in anything else you set your own limits but then be prepared to stick to them. And yeah, she is one hot girl – very cute. Cheers..

  4. >Hmmmmmmmmmm. People do it all the time but mostly without realising it – pretending to be happy for someone else's sake, looking sad at someone you dont really care abouts funeral, hiding relief or anger for any number of reasons, etc, etc, the list goes on.. am I wrong? ha ha. Not at all, this is a relief, I thought I was totally demented for doing all this, but it's surprising that some people can observe such minor details of everyday life. Very interesting. Funnily, I do get crazy ideas about many things, violent or not, but they almost never relate to other people. Some years back, I used to get hassled if I'm stuck with someone really daft, or totally ignorant of basic issues and still insists on charging on a conversation..those types. But now I've started mentally switching off..it's the trigger when you don't exist for me anymore. It's made me much more calmer and I'm laughing a lot more in life. Yeah downside is that now people think I'm totally random and don't see the point of my style of humor, but mutual understanding is not something I planned on anyways so..Know the bubble concept and hate it, I think along with the fear of waking up one day only to forget all my books, music, thoughts, ideas..my greatest fear is to end up with an ordinary life. Just in the bubble..loads of half attempts. Nihilism makes more sense because it's easier to not affected by the surroundings now, since there is just so much of me to deal with and analyze, I don't have the time to fuck with someone else!Ughhh..I need to stop hogging your blog space and make complete posts on your comment page! Please only put up pictures of Kristen type chicks in the future so that I have no theories to offer anymore!!

  5. The Dude says:

    >@lostlittlegirlYou're not wrong at all llg, people are pretty much like that. and Im happy that you feel more at ease and less like an anomaly as a result of my scattered reasoning. πŸ™‚ I do try and observe the minutae of the world around me but few people see the value and merit of it, thanks much for noticing and mentioning it. ;)In regards to "But now I've started mentally switching off…..mutual understanding is not something I planned on anyways so.."All I can say is that madam you are a lady after my own heart! What you're described is pretty much my way of approaching life (as much as possible for me anyhow) except in my case I call it a combination of humanism and cynicism (the original definition of the philisophy..) in a healthy but maddening balance few understand or enjoy for what it is. Their loss in my view. Nihilism has its merits, Ill grant you that – but it tends to make you hard and uncaring.. Im a cynic and disconnected in many ways, but I believe that life has much joy and madness to offer – but there's lots of crap to wade through to get to it.. So be cool, enjoy what you can, when you can and screw the rest. For those you love, be considerate but never a doormat and live your life the best you can according to your code/morals/what-have-you… As a regular reader here, you might have notivced I leave little epigrams at times, well for you I leave one of my favourites that I use a lot:"Yesterday is dead and tomorrows not here yet. All I have is today and Im going to be happy in it." – Groucho MarxIts just a thought that I think might mean more to you (going by your comment as a whole..) then to many others. And I promise I will make sure to periodically post pictures like that one when I can remember to – this was a special post and she is a sweet girl. Any preferences on someone you would like to see here, let me know and Ill make a special collection of pics for you. Cheers.. (and p.s. feel free to take up space here as often as you like, nothing on my blogging makes me happier then these tete-a-tete's..)

  6. Utopia says:

    >"Que sera sera" kinda guy u said heheh! πŸ™‚

  7. >Aw totally love that. It does actually define how I live my days now. As for.."their loss is my view" ha ha. i love that so much I might even get it tattooed..maybe let's see πŸ˜‰

  8. The Dude says:

    >@utopiawell I try to be, but that doesnt mean I live in ignorance of things around me… πŸ˜‰ Im always willing to try and manipulate the world around me to see what can happen. Sometimes.. @lostlittlegirlthank you, Im glad I got something right!if you get it tattooed, pic or it didnt happen! ;)Cheers..

  9. Utopia says:

    >Why haven't you blogged in such a long time?

  10. The Dude says:

    >wow, thanks for this, I actually keep meaning to but got the feeling that no one was really reading this much except a handful and going through a bad patch personally put me off writing some.. Writing more now but again, thanks for this.I will try and post here again starting this weekend – hopefully I can post at least once a week.

  11. Utopia says:

    >Hmmmm… Hope you update it real soon and hope you doing better now. I was pleasantly surprised to see a comment from you on my blog. Thought you'd vanished into oblivion. πŸ™‚

  12. The Dude says:

    >Im not so easily gone, Im like the Neil Young song:"Like a coin that wont get lost, rolling home to you.." So yeah, in my own way Im always here, a certainty thus far not unlike death and taxes so chance are Ill continue to be around a good while to come. Well ok not a good while cos the good die young (or so they say!)… πŸ˜‰

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