>Cool runnings to you this new year..


Well its a new year, yet another one passes, we all get a year older – probably not much wiser – and time marches on inexorably as it always has…

Before you get totally confused, allow me to explain: In my family my mothers side of the family follow what is called the Navratra’s which took place recently and is considered its own kind of new year for followers.

Personally Im not, nor have I been since the age of maybe 12-14 (somewhere in there is when it slowly lost its charm and brain washing ability for me), a religious person by any stretch. But that doesnt mean I have to be ignorant and not partake – after all I am a part of the world I live in. If it gives my loved ones joy to have me sit with them for a bit as they chant a prayer and then give me some prasad after they are done, well what does it really cost me? Nothing so I don’t mind.
In this I am eternally thankful that I’m not from a seriously conservative and fundie family!

Anyhow, back to matters at hand!
Before I get on to other things I might as well first give a short word on the title of the post (mostly for anyone who doesnt know the term). Cool Runnings is a Jamaican phrase, you can hear it in one or two Marley tracks, but I first got its meaning from a movie that carried the name. It was about the first Jamaican bobsled team and this is the name they gave their sled in the film.
When asked what it meant, the captain who had picked the name answered “It means, ‘Peace be the journey'”… now that was something that stuck with me since that first viewing many years ago.

And so now at the beginning of this recent new year past I had decided that I dont want to make the same hollow statements that get made year after year with no heart to them, nothing genuine – just generic greetings.
With that in mind, I wish you all now cool runnings for the year ahead and in everything you do.

I spent my recent new years eve at a small apartment house that Im moving in to, sitting on the rooftop with a few close friends. We cooked some food on the ol’ coal-burning BBQ, listened to as well as played some music, had a few drinks, watched the ludicrously bright moon that night and with curling wisps of cigarette smoke snaking through the cold air around, intertwined with the music and raucous laughter and music us we brought in the new year.

Simplistic yes, but there was a plain joy, comfort and togetherness to it that I find we tend to lose these days – we party and get hammered beyond words (Ive done that myself over the years) but at the end of it all its like trying to celebrate so hard that you forget the rest of the world.

That’s a hell of a lot to forget…

For those who might be interested I leave you with this little plaything that I enjoyed a lot recently, hope it gives some little joy to the dreamer and the kid in you too. I often speak about perspective and trying to see the world as a whole, getting past pettiness, well I think this video and the linked page may help just a little..


“Its one thing to know in the abstract that people in other parts of the world are heading out to happy hour as you’re waking up with the sun; its quite another to see it happening.” – MacWorld Magazine

Oh and as a parting gift because it was appreciated so in the last post, here’s something pleasant to look at after the seriousness and contemplation of life!
Just sit back and contemplate this for a bit.. In today’s skinny babe obsessed media world, this lady has been for a long while (arguably) my favourite, not all that well know, but a curvaceous full-figured woman, this is class and beauty.. enticing while still looking elegant and classy always..

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Utopia says:

    >Okie who is this lady? :-)I tried really hard to figure who she was but I failed yet she looks soooooo familiar. I liked the sound of that New Year's partayyy. 🙂

  2. The Dude says:

    >thanks, I like my parties to be like that mostly. The lady in question is a beauty who goes by the name Christina Hendricks. I take it you like? 🙂

  3. >:) you took three months to wish us a happy new year, dude!What have you been up to, other than partying on roof tops?

  4. The Dude says:

    >hey shadow, not been up to all that much.just a lot of work, trying to get some writing done and negotiating with a couple of publishers. things are a little more stable right now and Utopia's comment on the post prior made me realise I do miss it here so going to try and stick around some more.

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