>Here’s to the Dane of many a-Fable


I was going to post this yesterday, but unfortunately the site seemed to have been suffering from some unknown malady – one that has now passed.

So, albiet delayed by a day, I would like to take this opportunity to wish “A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY” (belated as it is) to the one and only, inimitable – Hans Christian Anderson!
Im assuming most of you know of him, for those that dont – Im truly sad for you but I promise you know him even though you think you dont! (if you want to read about him, Ive linked his bio above)

Anderson was a Dutch writer and poet in the early 1800’s and is remembered still for being one of the most powerful fairy-tale writers in history.
Like so many other little things, fairy tales are looked at as ‘children’s stories’ but you know its what we learn from those stories, its hearing them and different aspects of them sinking in for different folks that makes them so powerful that they resonate after decades and decades.

The most well know stories from Anderson to my memory would be:

– The Tinder Box
– Thumbelina
– The Steadfast tin soldier
– The ugly Duckling
– The little Mermaid
– The Princess and the Pea
– The Emperor’s new clothes

These are but a mere sampling of the great many stories that he put out, there were just shy of 200 all in all.

And to think of it today, so many of his stories like the prissy Princess who got tortured by a mere pea and the touching saga of the little ugly Duckling have not only become an integral part of most childhoods, but they have also entered our lexicon and stayed through so many changes in style, slang and expression. I think that says a lot about the mans ability as a story teller, don’t you?

But I have to say personally as much I enjoyed all his stories, I feel that his most well written and often under-rated work is The Snow Queen which I would recommend to anyone willing to give it a read.Adapted many times over the years into movies both animation and live-action, it is arguably his best work. In fact I remember some years back the Hallmark channel produced a 2-part TV movie based on it that was extremely well made and in fact was more adult then one would imagine a ‘fairy tale’ to be.

H.C. Anderson was, is and will remain for some time an understated legend through his works and I salute him as one of the first of his kind of writer, i.e., one that could create a story that at heart could be read, heard and loved by children and yet hold subtle details and themes that even adults can be moved by and learn from.

Here’s to one of a kind. Cheers..

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  1. >Hey hey, we like the same fairy tale; Snow Queen, or sometimes known as 'Hansel and Greta' (not the witch killing kids of gingerbread cottage tragedy).I love fairy tales so much, I collected them. But yes, the best is still by H. C. Anderson.Have you read the original Brothers Grimm stories? Full of blood and death! COOL!

  2. Heff says:

    >Blogger WAS kind of sick the other day, wasn't it ?Thanks for stopping by Dude. Give me a follow, and I'll do the same.

  3. The Dude says:

    >@shadowthorneglad to have a fellow fan here. but um, they are actually not the same story – "Hansel and Gretel" was by the Brothers Grimm. I agree though, Andersons are maybe the best of the lot as far as fairy tales go – and yes I have read some of the original tales by the Brothers Grimm and they were indeed gruesome.. I think they were not meant for kids at their inception – more cautionary tales for all ages. @Heffhey, seems its all back to normal now! you're most welcome and Ill give a follow now. Cheers..

  4. anml_lvr says:

    >Thanks for that nice comment that you left on my blog…and for becoming a follower. I have more than I thought I would. Your blog is interesting and I like it. And I've heard of some of these stories by this man, not ever knowing that he wrote them!

  5. Indranil says:

    >Here's to the genius that was H. C. Anderson! 🙂

  6. The Dude says:

    >@anml_lvrYou're most welcome and thanks for dropping by here too. And thanks, glad you enjoyed your visit here, and yeah – stuff like this is so much a part of everyones life that we take it for granted and never really ask where it comes from. @indranilCheers to that man!

  7. sulagna ™ says:

    >dude when i saw the profile pic i was expecting some write on rock music maybe a little curt gobain and a sprinkle of gothica 😉 but heyiii this post was nice..i mean i still remember keeping a pea pod in my had and trying to fit my thumb in to see how small was thumblina..freshening post dude..m gonna call you dude..not the due..okie 🙂

  8. The Dude says:

    >@sulagna heh, yeah those stories all had so much to do with our childhoods and we forget them often. Im glad you like the blog, hope you drop in from time to time. give me a follow and Ill happily do the same. cheers..

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