>What a waste and such a shame.


Anyone who has been to this blog enough, you know Im a somewhat spiritual person and my religious leanings (such as they are) tend to go toward Humanism and Agnosticism.

I have a healthy respect for all faiths and people’s right to hold whatever belief they want but it amazes me how it almost inevitably fails.
I was sent the link to this site called Christwire and, well I could go on a rant about it, but they dont deserve it. Its beyond sad and going through it did nothing but stregthen my resolve to hereon tell any and all religious nuts to take a long walk of a very short cliff…

And the thing of it, the thing that saddens me the most – most religions share certain very key things in common: they tell us about loving one another, about fairness and justice and honour, about faith and hope and the good of our people.
But today – every religion I know of has become nothing but a warped hollow shell, a pale shadow of the life affirming philosophies of life, the universe and everything that they originally were.

Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism.

These are the major religions of the world today (not counting Agnosticism) but there are so many more that most of us dont even know about, let alone think about. I would recommend that everyone check this site out, its about World Religions and does a pretty good job of talking about them all in an open and honest manner without overtly adhering and showing bias to any one. (at least as far as Ive seen in my exploration of the site thus far).

I wish people would think and be more open – look at the vastness of the world we are on, forget space and the universe at large, just Earth. This little speck in the cosmos.
On it we ourselves are but mere specks and still have the gall to think we own it and want to bend it to our will.

I dont know, people pick fights on this, get into heated arguments, call names and cast stones – but its a simple thing: why cant we all just get along? why must one group be the only one thats right? we cant prove anyone to be true or false, so why waste so many lives, so much money and so much time on this? Perhaps I’ll never know, perhaps it is just simply human nature as Ive often thought. A conundrum we are and so remain for now.

I once read (and have quoted here before I think) that more people have died in the name of religion then because of all the major illnesses and diseases combined. Looking back at only what sparse and mixed knowledge of history I have, I dont find that hard to believe.

I dont expect people to change, that’ll happen eventually for better or for ill – mine is simply to ask the questions, to raise the flags and swing my torchlight in the miasma that is religious fervour and hope that someone see’s and tries to look around themselves.

On that note, I bid you all a good day until the next time.


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  1. Heff says:

    >Good luck on your crusade.

  2. The Dude says:

    >thanks Heff, but not crusading, just letting some thoughts out. crusading is for the fanatical, I think people should make up their own minds about this kind of stuff. 😉

  3. >Religions should show people the right path.But some zealots and extremists gave religion a bad name :(I got a headache. Will consume aspirin.

  4. >Good stuff–all true.Tolerance is very much the key in just about anything—-why do we have to be RIGHT???John

  5. >Humans were born with a superiority complex.On a certain level and to a certain degree, we ALL feel that we are right and entitled.I'm not sure if this is genetics or learned, but it is what I have seen as truth.I try to respect all people and accept them as they are. I take delight in our basic commonality yet love exploring our differences as well.I guess you could call it humanism.I'd love to share in your optimism that people will "see" the hypocrisy in their ideologies, but I do not.As you say, more people have perished in the name of religion than disease or illness. That is tragic, sad and speaks volumes about our species.

  6. mystic rose says:

    >If you understand how religion works, you will know that at the root of it is politics, not God.I believe when we have enough people in the world with awareness enough to not accept anyone else between them and God, dictating their spirituality , it will change the whole scenario. It's the hundred monkey theory.

  7. Roy says:

    >@mysticrose very true

  8. The Dude says:

    >@shadowthorneexactly. well said buddy.. @johnI know what you mean – one of my fav things to quote was a comic strip with 2 scientists at a bomb test going "a war in the future wont decide who's right but who's left"@BlazngScarletYou're not wrong, Ill say that much.. and honestly, Im not much of an optimist, just stubborn. A friend described me as a "cynical optimist"sounds like you're doing just fine by the way – stay human. @mysticOf course its politics. Its people running it day to day, not god. But without people its then a spirituality, not a religion. Convention, conformity and fear are the corner-stones of the religious experience. Change will come, but the price will be monumental. Of that Im certain.

  9. Dr. Heckle says:

    >If it's a short cliff, then they'd probably only come away with a few bruises maybe? lol :P(Totally agree with your post by the way. Well said.)

  10. Utopia says:

    >I so so agree. I wonder which way we are heading. Its always about me, myself and I or we, ourselves and us. We are such a tiny part of something so magnanimous yet we are hell bent on making our own lives and of our kith and kin so difficult.

  11. The Dude says:

    >@dr heckle well im not a malevolent peron, a few bumps and bruises might teach them a little humility and will at least get them out of the way! 😀 glad you liked the post. thanks. @utopiavery true. bottom line is to make sure that as often as possible, remind yourself of what you yourself just said: "I wonder which way we are heading."cheers..

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