Keeping the sanity – more cocktail blogging!!

Before getting to the cocktail, allow me to inform you of our concoction for the evening:

First up we have a sharp (but thankfully quick) initial jolt in the form of Bitching, a special little alcohol that gets the blood pumping and helps oxygen flow, releases tension and allows the tastes to follow to really sink in..Once this is past you will find some mellow flavoured Tunage to make you lay back and feel a vibe, this is then followed by a dash of Quote-ila (a lovely little liqueur) which you should find quite amusing and hopefully will bring a smile. And lastly we have a sweet aftershock at the end showing the artistic taste of the bartender and adding that little visual flair to the cocktail that makes it what it is – so please, enjoy!

Ok… so summer’s been a bitch! Heat, sweltering, muggy, painful scorching heat… phew..
But the worst of it seems past and with some rain and some winds blowing it seems like we can breathe a bit.No. We cant. Becaus the whole city is overloaded with traffic congestion caused periodically by the rains and now made multiple times daily a problem thanks to the wondrous twats at the CommonWealth Games committee here who deserve to be drawn, quartered, stabbed, frozen, burnt, whipped, hung and eventually shot (if you’re feeling merciful) for the crapfest that this has become!

The money wastage, the time wasted – years literally – the horrific planning, the lack of any cohesion and vision is appalling. People can make excuses, bluster and make cheeky comments comparing this to an Indian wedding that runs helter skelter till the last second and looks great at the end prove nothing but the lack of sincerity to do the job well, illustrate our inability to do anything unless the shit is about to hit the fan and is just makes me ashamed to be an Indian and a Delhiite right at this time.

The money aside, I think this is an embarrassment for the city, for the country and the government. For the people sure, but nowhere near as much as being part of the other 3 because lets face it the average man/woman didn’t care less till it affected their lives in some way.
But rant over.

Moving on!!

This is lovely montage video based around a fantastic track by the late Tupac Shakur (known more commonly as 2Pac) who while known as a rapper and gangster rapper was so much more. For anyone who has followed his music as a true fan and not a just a bass loving hip-hop fan for the style – you will know that few musicians have ever had the lyrical depth and soul that Shakur possessed.

From gangster songs talking about street life (eg: ‘If I Die Tonight‘ and ‘Only god can judge me‘) to the sweeter songs about love and family eg: ‘Dear Mama‘ and ‘Baby Dont Cry‘), songs about living life to the fullest with no regrets (eh: ‘Picture me Rollin‘ and ‘Life goes on‘) and of course alienation and heartache that we have all felt at some point in our lives (eg: ‘Me against the world‘) – Pac was always an amazing lyricist and you listen to his tracks for the whole package and not just the beats or coolness.
When listening to this song, listen close to what the man says – specially the interview clips peppered here and there.

With the music playing, lie back (as much as your surroundings allow..) and hearken back to a decade ago – give or take a couple of years – and remember a little small-screen gem that had us all in its thrall but now remains but a vague memory. One that Im about to prod.

I refer to the show ‘3rd Rock from the Sun’ which was a favourite of mine when on the air and remains as such today.
John Lithgow, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, French Stewart, Jane Curtin and Kristen Johnston all were perfectly cast – no one could have don better for these characters – and the jokes are timeless and beyond priceless.
Here for you today I have a speech from the show by the inimitably talented John Lithgow, its s speech that when I watched the other day (during my rewatching of the whole series!) had me in splits and made me think “This is exactly how I feel!” and now I share this revelation with you here on the blogsphere:

“I stand here accused of insensitivity. Oh sure Ive tried to change my ways – Ive cried, Ive hugged, Ive been hugged.And you know what Ive discovered? Im an offensive person! But in a tolerant society is there no place for my kind? Why must everyone like me? Why can’t we all just – not get along?
Conflict is necessary. Throughout history human beings have persecuted the great agitators – Socrates, Galileo and now Dick Solomon!
Where would you be without us?! To provoke and enlighten you! To attach the electrodes of knowledge to the nipples of ignorance!”

– Dick Solomon (John Lithgow)
(Season 2, Ep. 21: Sensitive Dick)


Now as the cocktail reaches the bottom of the glass we come to the lingering flavours, the reminders of bygone times when things were simpler and more confused but almost always happier and easier to understand.
As a reminder of those times, I offer up this most excellent artwork piece done by an artist unknown to me – it was posted up on the web and I came across it in my meanderings – all I know is that the artist is that it had this tag before it:

Tiles-In the eyes of Children by MacDoninri

And lastly, as a wrap up to this post and to leave you with a larger smile then Im assuming you already have and a touch of sweetness here is the picture that currently graces the desktop on my Macbook screen. I love this guys style and detail, truly remarkable what people are capable of is it not?

Cheers till next time blog lovers..

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  1. Heff says:

    >Hot ain't the word for it down here in the South !

  2. Utopia says:

    >where art thou? long long time dude.

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