Weekly Wayfarer – 20th April 2011

> Hey Folks!!

So Ive been running a little ragged what between work and work and regular life (such as it is) and am sort of getting some semblance of control over it for once.

With that in mind, Ive been writing again and have even taken up a nifty new gig writing for India’s own home-grown answer to big comic and entertainment sites like CBR and BleedingCool.
Don’t get me wrong, this is not me boasting or trying to create news – its just truth. Granted those guys are faaaar bigger, have more resources and have been around for ages. But its the idea that we need to build our own as well is whats brought comics and writing and art in general in India to where it is today and still growing and that was the feel, the heart and the soul behind this new venture.

Anyway, the site is called Comic Addicts and has got a nice mix of people contributing to it catering a variety of tastes and the like.
Me personally, I’m going to be writing a weekly column for them every Wednesday for the foreseeable future and will be linking them here too. I plan to write here on other stuff as well more often now that Im back into writing regularly.

If you want to check out my first posting, please do – I would greatly appreciate having readers, any readers at all really!
Here you go, the opening shot of my first contribution and if you find it catchy enough, follow the link below and make your way there – and remember folks, please do leave a comment, I look forward to feedback. Cheers!

In the immortal words of Théoden of Rohan, “How did it come to this…?”

Don’t get me wrong folks, Im truly kicked to be here writing a weekly column for all my fellow comic cravers out there, courtesy the fine folks on this site – guys I promise I’ll do my damnedest to behave and to hopefully not make you regret giving me this opening! Really, I mean it I do!
My quoting the Lord of Edoras was to convey the slight disbelief and simply wonder how it is that me, a good Indian boy working 9-5 in the business world have come the direction I have and today am contributing an online column about comics and graphic stories. C’est la vie non?

So, before carrying on any further and confusing you more dear reader(s?) – welcome to the first edition of the Weekly Wayfarer.
Here we will be reaching around comic-dom for the oddball, the intriguing, the unusual, the amusing and occasionally the disturbing – not for any other reason then simply to expand horizons. In a medium overloaded with folks in tights and dominated by The Big Two pretty much everywhere, we as fans must give a shot to the more unique voices, the off-the-grid talent that makes us look again and again and helps change our perspectives on what comics can do… [to read more click here]

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Utopia says:

    >So now you are writing a weekly column too for your fellow comic books addicts. Wow! Btw why did you change your blog id? Just curious. :-)Cheers indeed. 😀

  2. The Dude says:

    >thanks! :)hope non-fans can get a kick out of them as well. to be honest, I was getting tired of the old look and since I wanted to do things over I figured "screw it" and decided to change the name and the ID. the basic blog remains what it is and I dont want to start from scratch as if all this blogging never happened, kinda like a cop-out if you ask me, so this was the next best choice!

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