Cocktail blogging v5: The New Batch!

Another day another dollar… wait… I don’t earn dollars… dammit.

So here we are, back together again for more inanity and randomness to come. I’ve been wondering about what to post up for some time because picking what to write/talk about is becoming a real problem now! This is a dilemma I think facing many of us who started blogging waaaay back when and now are in a funk having done it so long and with such an influx of newer people (so to speak) and new ways of networking and *shudder* twitting getting into it.
It occurred to me how bad it was getting when I even read a mention of this annoying quandary in a post by Utopia who is one of the most regular and consistent posters I’ve known in all the time I’ve been blogging and I realised if SHE can be hit by it – the rest of us are in deep whale-poo!
And now more blogging and more activity is needed.
Partly Ive started with the Weekly Wayfarer as you all saw in my last post, but it occurred that to stick just to that commitment and abandon this place, this refuge, this home that I’ve known so long… well I can’t do it!

And so cocktail blogging though previously thought merely a now empty drink shaker has been refilled, rejigged and is ready for a fresh pour!

Today I wanted to cover something a little different. For those of you in India, no introduction or info is needed when talking about Barkha Dutt, but I’m linking her wiki page here for anyone that may not be familiar with who she is and her recent…um… histories.
In any case I wanted to talk about her because in the last few days I’ve actually given some thought to how she has been reacted to on more then one occassion. I grant that she has definitely invited some of the negativity and a fair bit of the ire directed at the media is more then warranted, but I do find it a wee bit unfair that instead of taking all the various media-persons and/or outlets to task for their individual affronts she is almost solely the focus. And to make it worse this anger seems to not abate and revert to cooler heads like one would hope, the anti-Barkha sentiment seems to rise anew and greater every time and now is the equivalent of a running joke if you ask me – in the same vein as Geraldo Rivera!
I do agree with anyone who thinks she should be held accountable for he foolishness in Kashmir during Kargil, during the Bombay (thats what I call it, don’t like it – not my problem) terror attacks or the Radia case or whatever you would like. All I say is this: You want her as the face of all this? Go ahead – but bear in mind that she is but a tip of this iceberg. Don’t believe me? Click on the link to the Radia controversy that I’ve hotlinked above here, see how many names are on that list and how many bigger than her; see all the various agencies and governmental bodies and major industrialists and all the money and power that is tied into all these matters and then ask yourself whether she deserves to live with the sh*t-storm from the general public directed primarily at her. Hey, I may be wrong, some of you may not think so and maybe I need to get out and meet more folks, but these are my thoughts on the matter. Stop doing what we tend too often in this country, stop fixating on little fish and obvious wag-the-dogs and look through the mire and smoke-screens to target the big-fish, the true powers-that-be who are the orchestrators who get off scot-free time and again.
And that’s all I have to say about that!

Oh yeah! I also came across this video a few days back that has given me much laughter and amusement and so I thought I would hang on to the link and share it with you folks since we’re on a related subject:

And as a last word on the subject (not my words) here is an article from the Sri Lanka Guardian that did make me step back for a moment and think about the matter.

Barkha Dutt: Victim of media McCarthyism?

With that out of the way, on to other things!

I have a new edition of the Weekly Wayfarer to share with everyone – and to make it all the more fun the site has elected to celebrate this week, also known as Bat-week so everything till this weekend is all BATMAN!!! Click on the following to find this weeks column by yours truly.

As a last matter for today before I sign off it occurred to me that I might as well put in some thoughts on the biggest piece of news – the death of Osama bin Laden.
Honestly, I think there are enough opinions and views to getting into that is not what I have in mind nor to debate the matter.
I simply ask that you read this article (or as much of it as you are willing) by Geoffrey Robertson over at The Daily Beast (great site btw!) about why he should have been captured and not killed and what the effects of how this was handled could be for our immediate and foreseeable future.
It is indeed a good day that a hate-monger and man who was willing to cross line’s no one should willingly cross, is now no longer an active threat – unfortunately the truth that few people are ready to admit is that he has been indeed made a martyr now and though his skill and ability are lost to the extremists, those deadly armies in the shadows still remain and are not ready to go quietly into the night yet.
We have a long way to go before the world is a better place and we as a people – and by that I mean global citizens and not just one country – need to stop living in bubbles. Use the media, use the internet and find out everything you can about anything that you feel is important in the news, take a stand, have a genuine view and not one you latched on to from some news program that fits your political ideology. Realise that all ideologies are subject to change simply because by their nature they are human concepts and humans are notoriously unreliable – specially those in power and making the policies. I hold up Fox News and their hardcore fan-base as example and Rush Limbaugh for the same. Nothing personal but I hope you dear reader understand what I’m driving at here.

And so, we come to the end of yet another cocktail blog here in Neverwhere… time is fleeting, our time together all the more so…
I leave you now with this little joke:

…and of course I can’t end a cocktail without the customary beauty to leave you with happy thoughts as you take your leave of this place…

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Utopia says:

    >That was a fun post I must say. 🙂 I like the way you have managed to fit in bits and pieces of news from everywhere including 'your news'. Heheh! I haven't been too fond of Barkha honestly but I do get the idea you are trying to get across about just needing to put a face to vent out all our ire and frustration at what was happening with the Radia controversy. Where Osama is concerned well I am tired of all the jingoism and the bouhaha and most of these people who are giving their opinion on his death know precious little about him and the ones who do seem to have such conflicting opinions. I personally feel very little was achieved in killing him in the fashion the US Troops oooppps Navy Seals did. Why did they kill him firstly and why not capture him and put him on trial for his crimes and why was he buried on sea? That was sooooooo strange and the justification was even stranger apparently they did not want his grave to be a shrine. Wow whom are they kidding!

  2. The Dude says:

    >hey, glad you liked it – personally Im enjoying this newfound (for me) way of blogging and hope to keep it going!as far as my news is concerned, well I figure this IS my blog so Im allowed! :)we appear to be on the same page about Osama too.

  3. Utopia says:

    >I like this new active on blogger avatar of yours. 🙂

  4. The Dude says:

    >thank you!

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