Mid-week mad-cappery!

Ah Wednesday… that wonderful day of the week when you finally feel like you’re over the hump and its all downhill until the wondrous weekends.

Day Dreams by John Atkinson Grimshaw

No matter how many times I find myself approaching the weekend (about 52 times a year actually – give or take a week), its always such an utter and total relief! That lovely time when you can drop the formality and unburden the load, remove the bit and bridle you are forced to don for the ever-present rat-race… a blessed time to do what it is you most want to do.

Or at least thats what I tell myself anyway!

Most weekends tend to go by in just as much a blur as the week itself, albeit a bit more languidly as odd as that might seem to some. And honestly, few things come as instinctively to mind when I think of a weekend like Calvin & Hobbes (check the link!) by the late great Bill Waterson – a man whose writing I aspire to someday perhaps even resemble in quality.
A treat for fans of the man – THIS is an interview he did a while back where he took 15 questions from fans from around the world about the strip and himself and answered them.
But basically I associate this comic with weekends because I grew up reading them and absorbed some of Calvin’s love/hate philosophy regarding weekends and holidays and for the longest time the only C&H book I had was a collection called “The Lazy Sunday Book” which I retain and read from time to time till this day.

Sentimentality aside, I wanted to do this on Monday but decided against it – everyone’s so caught up and tense and all that at the start of the week its hard to relax and have a laugh. For most folks anyway. So I elected to post this collection of humour and amusing tid-bits today when some of the stress wears off simply by virtue of it being a Wednesday!

First up I want to quickly point everyone to this article lovingly titled 7 Great Men in History (And Why You Should Hate Them) over at Cracked.com – love that site – which really gives one a laugh but food for thought at the same time and information that one would not have gotten in a hurry otherwise. and anway!

Next up Ive got a few videos that I wanted to share – all made me laugh till I cried but each is something unique beyond simple words so you’ll have to watch them to fully (and literally) see what I mean!
First up is this video which Im sure many have seen before (possibly) but is worth watching again just because – its a clip from Miss Teen America 2007’s question round where the pretty girl from South Carolina is answering and the answer she gives… Oh I dont think Ive ever seen its like till now! And believe me you actually need the subtitles to follow some of the remarkable verbal repartee!

Mangled your mind a bit? Confused about whether to laugh or start having fits? Well have no fear, next up we have just flat out funny – although admittedly a little on the bizarre side. This is a most excellent music video done many years (decades) ago by the exceptionally multi-talented (but sadly pigeon-holed in general) Leonard Nimoy.
Im not going to spoil it for you so please, enjoy!

Dear lord(s) in heaven Leonard man… what were you thinking…
Anyhow!! On to the last clip of the day – and this ones just a laugh riot and is my way of making amends (sort of) for the decimation of an iconic image in the video you just witnessed! Love the song too, feels like home.

Well folks, thats that then – a short and sweet and (I hope) entertaining interlude for one and all who humbled themselves and visited this little watering hole for the soul I like to call home. No profundity today, no philosophizing and lecturing, no rambling and blabbering and essentially no seriousness.

In closing I’m linking my last to articles over at ComicAddicts.com from this week past and the latest one which I’ve put up today itself. And no, that had nothing to do with posting today, I had already written that post up and in fact simply felt like posting here because in all my other madness I realised I had been neglecting this space that has been a part of my online life for near a decade now.

So if you are so inclined, pop over to these links and check out the articles, else feel free to scroll past them to the little parting gift at the end.





Free-aky Warren Ellis Goodness!!

Give heed to The Marvel Cosmic! (Part 1)

Thus we come to the end of another dalliance my good people and as ever I’m grateful for your taking the time to drop in here and perhaps leave a comment. Here is a thing of beauty for you to look at before you take leave of this space and until next time, I will see you all around the inter-webs!


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