Even After All…

Who doesn’t love Mondays?

… oh, thats right… pretty much everyone really…

Its sad too because Monday’s just a poor sod of  day, it didn’t ask to be the first day of the week and be the start of the grind ever seven day – at least not that I know of anyhow!

So today’s a change – I’m (as has happened before) trying get my lazy arse to be a bit more disciplined overall. There are so many more responsibilities to attend to now and I can’t be doing them the way I have without a bit of a train wreck somewhere down the line.

But this time for a change there is more motivation then normal – and bear in mind I’m not talking just about my blog anymore, I mean to get my writing in general in a higher gear.

For starters I’ve signed with this web-service called 750words that is pretty awesome – its a space where you need to sign in and just type 750 words (according to the site 250 is a page on average) about anything and everything that comes to mind, and its all private. Yes you heard that right! What I write there is not part of a forum, no one reads it, no one comments or likes or +1’s it or anything… its just a space for me to write whatever comes to mind at least once a day. And I like the idea, I always think I should write a little everyday and my mind knows its the thing to do but somehow that doesn’t seem to happen much.
I guess the site struck a chord too when it stated that its hard often to find a pad or notebook at those moments and its so easy to get caught up in other things.

And thinking on it there’s no reason why I can’t produce 750 words first thing every day. I mean I used to write so much!
Back in college (second college) when I decided to ditch my classes for the better part of two months (before I eventually got caught and screwed) I was sitting in my quiet place every single day! I would sit there and write and write until I felt satiated that I had covered enough for that day… And I sat there for hours. At least 3-4 every single day of the week – except sunday!
And now I’m amazed if I can even do a couple of hundred words in the span of a day! I mean sure, between emails and facebook and forums I type out enough, but Im spending so much time doing absolutely fuck-all if one thinks about it that its sickening even me. A change is needed and this is as good a place and time as any to make it so! From now on I need to temporarily distance myself from my forums – yes I intend to check in once a day but no more posting, no more chatting and getting into debates and pointless arguments, entertaining as they might seem. I need to go back to being the silent observer. The lurker. The shadow within the shadow. Facebook is unavoidable but now anything except Comic Addicts work or responding to people or being in touch with someone for a genuine, specific purpose is to be avoided. It is now writ here and for me a law it must become.

So with that in mind a new week and a new time in my life begins… and you know what? I like my blog, I enjoy blabbing thoughts and charing concerns and airing some idea’s but I now don’t give a crap at all about readership or numbers at all.
If people read, good!
If they comment, great!
But if no one does either of the above? Well it doesn’t matter because I’m tired of being a bastich (as the main man says) but somehow plotting things around others.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and friends and my life and all that but writing is the one thing few of them can share in and I’m going to write what I feel like, when I feel like it and this will be plotted around only my desire to write and for a task that I want to write for/about.

So with that venting-ish post now done and me feeling a little exorcised and all that, I’m going to take my leave of this quiet little corner all my own and in parting leave a couple of songs because… well because it’s monday! And everyone should listen to good music or some jokes and not let the blah-ness that we are taught to start the week with bog us down.

Two of the most awesome songs ever in my humble opinion – that first one is a classic that most everyone should know (party on!) and this other is a most under-rated masterpiece by KISS that I’ve posted the movie video of (its played in full in the movie) because well (1) I love the movie and (2) it works so well.

Imagine, what a concept, music that is some amazing that it brings the whole world together and allows everyone who hears it to get past their differences and realise the simple truths of life and the flaws in all the arguments and fights and negative things we’re doing to ourselves.

Oh and a moment of silence and respect for a talented artist who was lost to the world – whether you love or hate a genre or the medium even, a genuinely talented artist deserves a modicum of respect and so with that in mind I raise this flame in remembrance and respect – you will be missed by many Amy Winehouse, a mere 27 years old… another musical juggernaut taken at such a young age. May you find peace.

And lest anyone assumes I forget, here is a beauty to bring a smile and let the endorphins flow along with the music!


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  1. Utopia says:

    Longtime Dude. I see you have changed your blogger name yet again. Hahaha! What fun! Where did I change my blog? It is the same but for the dark and dreary template. That reminds me I must look for a more cheerful and brighter template. :-)Btw I like the present post. Very detached yet mellow it was. Keep writing even if on some days it remains restricted to 750 words but WTF we need to keep writing. 🙂 Like someone said "Art isn't the anecdote. It is the consciousness we bring to bear on our lives."

  2. Mr. Universe says:

    hey, yeah, was getting tired of that one – you can still call me that but I liked this one, its s reference (just like the avatar picture) to something that was and is dear to me as a story-teller. I meant the darker template when I said you've changed it – I remember it being brighter or maybe I recall wrong, who knows with me these days! :Dglad you liked the post, I want to get back to writing more. Dont do it near enough and this just seems a good way to get into the habit. love the quote too!

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