Mid-week brain rattles…

Braaaaaaiinn..... I need a braaaaaiiinnn!!

Today brings me back to the fold of writing in general and more specifically for and working with ComicAddicts after just over a hiatus-week of mayhem and chaos and international travelling and meetings and headaches and tiredness that is still felt deep in my bones and brain. Topped off by a morning of rising at 4.30 in the A.M after sleeping at just before 1 A.M and then driving two hours to a factory ceremony for my 9-5 life followed by much hand-shaking, smiling, polite-conversation and all the rest that goes with it… then a drive home, pick up laptop and papers and “Heigh-Ho! Heigh-Ho! Its off to work we go!!”… (god I hate those happy, chirpy, singy seven little bearded twats…)
So now I’m mid week, brain barely functioning but somehow strangely motivated to actually write – and you know what? I’ll take it! Its harder and harder to find time both chronologically and mental-space-wise and I really need to MAKE it happen as much as I can in the coming weeks.

That said, on to general randomness!!

...How much do you hate me right now? 🙂

I’ve decided to grow a winter coat – or more specifically (and just in case you think I have a Robin Williams style chia-pet thing going!) I mean I plan to stop looking so clean-cut and grow a nice beard for the winter and grow the hair out a little too perhaps. I figure why not – I’ve tried most everything else from goatee (my standard) to soul-patch, moustache, mutton-chop side burns, chin-strap and all kinds of stuff but have never grown just a plain ol’ full beard!
Of course I also need to work out the details of what is to go into this latest blog post apart from just my own gibberish (as I have thus far…) so I’ve decided to go with this most-excellent TMNT ‘graffiti’ (thats the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the pitiable souls either too young to know them or living under a rock in the early 90s!) which I though was hilarious and sheer genius all rolled into one. The parent site though says Banksy and while I love the guys work and the stuff he comes up with conceptually, I have my doubts for the moment if he has anything to do with this – it is though arguably one of the cleverest such things I’ve come across yet.

Is that awesome or what?!!

Hmmm… I think I’ll go the full nut-job today and post in cocktail mode again: the graffiti and gibberish came first… Alrighty then! Lets have that followed by this article on something called the “omni-touch” (which is frikkin ridiculous and just shows how crazy technology is getting, while admittedly making me feel vindicated for saying this was going to be a reality soon and being told I was in sci-fi mode!) I think we really are heading for more and more science theory and fiction becoming real and we are doing it faster and faster with each passing year. It’s both terrifying and exhilarating if you were to take my humble opinion.

There's your seasonally correct humour! Go on, click and enlarge - you know you want to!

With that done, maybe a little more humour, some music even? What could be a good choice of tunage… OH! Thats it! Marian Call it is then! Been meaning to share her music more so should do so now. Sweet! THIS IS FOR ALL MY NERDS IN THE HOUSE!! (..man, I can’t even pull that out in text…)

So there you have it folks! More of my usual madness for the moment – will be back again soon and in the meantime as you listen to Marian’s minstrel-like ode to nerd-ery I leave you with a humourous image that just cracked the comic fan in me the hell up! Cheers all!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Utopia says:

    Hullo there. I am back. 🙂 Shall post more often about my sometimes melodramatic and most times insipid life. Hahah! Btw put my blog on invited only profile but you were on my list of readers and that would be that gmail id of your. 🙂

    1. spider42 says:

      welcome back! are you all wedded and stuff now? 🙂 I did not get what you meant by the ‘invite only’ thing, have you closed off your blog? how come?

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