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George R.R. Martins Hedge Knight

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to all you patrons of the improbable, the surreal and the fantastical!

Today for your pleasure I bring a little-known treat for most and one I think is most appropriate now more then any time before.

By now almost all of you will be familiar – either completely or at least in passing – with the phenomenon that is “Game of Thrones“, the TV series adaptation of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series of books by the amazing George R.R. Martin. We’ve all gaped in awe, shock and horror as we watched the beginnings of the deadly drama that would set the kingdoms of Westeros to the sword – the noble Houses of Stark, Baratheon, Targaryen and all the others that I’m sure you are remembering vivildy in full gory detail right now! And of course Khal Droga and his Dothraki, not to be forgotten!

Marvelous is it not? And not only was the show such a runaway success that they confirmed a second season after just ONE episode aired, but its become bigger still – recently there was an announcement for a Game of Thrones video game for which we saw the trailer at the E3 2011 event. And on top of that we have the recently released comic adaptation of the books themselves with some pretty awesome cover art by the legendary Alex Ross! (Oh and I have to be an arse here but can’t help myself – I got a copy of #1!! Mine, all mine!! muahahahah!)

Anyway, with all this and the next season underway and soon to be back to the screen – anticipated with pounding heart by anyone and everyone who saw the stunning season finale – I decided to bring in a little something extra, something that got forgotten in the shadow of this mammoth saga, one that Martin is still writing to finish!

So without further adieu, I bring you George R.R. Martin’s Hedge Knight! Produced years ago by the Image Comics and the now defunct Devil’s Due Publishing, this was an adaptation of one of the stories from the Tales of Dunk and Egg, a series of short tales – novellas if you will – that take place in Westeros’ past. More specifically these tales are set quite some time before the Song of Ice and Fire and in fact even before the rebellion of King Robert that we know about from these stories. In fact it is set a hundred or so years earlier in a more idyllic time when the vaunted and feared House Targaryen still rules supreme – the blood of the Dragon still on the Iron Throne!

To Read the rest of this review – click HERE to head out to my column over at ComicAddicts!

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