Week-in-Review: Avengers – Solo #1 / The Activity #1 / Catwoman #4 / The Immortal: Demon in the Blood #1

Well hello folks! Welcome to our premier edition of “Week-in-Review” which we teased you with just a few days ago.
Today I have for you some great and some surprising picks from the books released this past Wedesday. We will try and bring you a list like this every week on Monday’s to give you a flavour of what’s new and what’s hot and whatever looks good in between – and once in a while when something is really to be avoided, we’ll bring warnings! Now enough of me gabbing, on to the reviews!

Instant Awesome!

The Activity #1

Story: Nathan Edmonson

Art: Mitch Gerads
I was definitely looking forward to this book from when I heard about it – not just because Image has been having a banner year and putting out some of the most awesome books, but because this is Nathan Edmonson’s follow up to the magnificent Who Is Jake Ellis and his ongoing Grifter for DC. Like Jake Ellis, this is a secret agent and espionage kind of story, but where that was about someone on the outside bucking the system, this story is about a team that is the best of the best and the go-to guys for the elite, and so on and so forth – you get the idea. A sweet little opening chapter that has a new recruit joining the team (not the newest idea, I know) it acts as a ‘testing the waters’ kind of mission both for the characters and their new team-mate as well as for the reader and I personally found this to be a brilliantly thought out and engaging read with great characters. Plus, Mitch Gerads brings a nice style to the comic, though his art may not be everyones favourite, his layouts and choice of focus and detail are amongst the most awesome I’ve seen!
Most definitely on my pull list from here till it finishes, gets cancelled or Edmonson leaves at the very least.
SCORE: 4.7/5
To Read the rest in my original post, click HERE!

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