CA: New Year Resolutions of the Heroes!

It’s New Year time once again! And we all know that people love making resolutions, but what would your favourite heroes and villains be planning for the year ahead?

Well wonder no more! I ran all around the comic world and with the help of fellow addict Amanda White, we were able to get you all the info you’ve been looking for my fellow Addicts.

AND we have great pictures to accompany everything, feel free to click and see them in all their amusing glory!

So without further adieu, here’s they are:

Just one more for the road... er, sky...



1. Cut back on the drinking and find better ways to deal with the divorce and Bruce’s crappy new attitude.

2. Stop feeling awkward without the red underwear – its what I’ve always wanted and I still wear them on the inside anyway!

3. Try not to get suckered by Kryptonite so easily this year.

Every sinners new nightmare!


The Incredible Hulk

1. Get in touch with my spiritual side and hopefully find inner peace.

2. Try out stretchy pants in a colour besides purple.

3. Don’t kill puny Banner!

She loves me, she loves me not...


Swamp Thing

1. Get my mojo back!

2. See if Poison Ivy is available!


To read the rest, head HERE to my column at ComicAddicts!

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