New Year, New Cocktail, Same Bartender!

Welcome folks, to the beginning of another New Year! I’ve been meaning to make a post about this pretty much since the 1st but since then its been 10 days of me tossing and turning with what I should be posting up and its been a conundrum. Do I post something cheery and happy? Do I post something smart-alecky? Do I go the full cynic? Decisions, decisions…

Well eventually I’ve decided to do pretty much what I’ve always done – just start writing and see what direction my brain and sense of humour and such go in and then just follow its lead! After all, its been ages since I actually made resolutions, don’t really find that ever works, a more thought out and introspective desire for change works better in the long run – not momentary bursts of enthusiasm based on an mostly arbitrary calender day.

So to start with, here’s something that I started writing after New Years but left partway:

New Year’s is here! Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving our road to hell with them as usual.
Ok, before anyone gets all worked up – that was meant to be more humorous than sarcastic, though clearly its a bit of both!
Honestly speaking however I have to say it does sum up much of my feeling toward people’s attitude toward a new year, I mean sure, I understand new beginnings and a new day (or dawn, as you like) and leaving the burden of the past behind and not letting it weigh on tomorrow.

My problem really is that people look at new years in this light but they overdo it – a new beginning is one where you are not shackled by the chains that bound you before, but it also means looking at your old life and learning from the mistakes made and to better oneself so that you do not fall into the same pits again. This is what most people in fact do no do and so like society, are often doomed to repeat their follies.

No, I'm not really that bad, just got a mean sense of humour!

And here’s a wonderful little ditty from Michael Haggins called Daybreak, some of you may recognise from a quirky little TV series that actually is among the few things that give me hope for general intelligence:

Did you recognise the basic tune? The opening part? Ah well, maybe one day you’ll hear it whistled and have that little “Eureka!” moment of joy.

Other then this I though about what else I could share and came up with two things that I came across, one is just absolutely awesome, the other insanely funny (depending on your choice of humour I suppose).

First up we have some images from one of the most unique and mind-bogglingly stunning artists I’ve ever seen, Mr Guy Laramee:

(Sorry the other 2 images were in there too, can’t seem to figure out the gallery settings on this bloody thing!)

NEXT! A video that just hilarious to me – maybe you need to know this kind of annoying person, maybe you need to just like physical comedy or any number of things. In any case, it gave me a hell of a laugh and so thought I’d share:

So there you have it, a mixed bag of thought and feeling as we enter the new year, because honestly that’s what every new day is about: remembering and trying to learn from yesterday, enjoying what is here and now and sparing a little thought for we hope and expect from the future and our role and place in it.

I’ll leave you now, while you remain yet sane and before my rambling becomes completely without restraint. I’m off now for a much needed and somewhat overdue vacation for about 2 weeks, but I will be checking in now and again.

Until I return properly though, hope you had a happy new years and hope you have a good 365 and 1/4th ahead till the next one!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Harnew says:

    Some people think this video is fake because who is recording them doing random stuff. But I don’t see how it’s fake because that was a REAL SLAP. His brother has got to be nuts to consent to that. And you got to be nuts to do that with an iPad.

    1. Spider42 says:

      Real, fake, I elected to not think too hard and just enjoy the evil laughs it gave me!
      …oh and never underestimate what people will do for attention! 😉

      1. Harnew says:

        Sorry. I regret leaving that comment. You can delete it. I won’t comment again. My bad.

      2. Spider42 says:

        😀 Wait… am I being punk’d? First time I’ve seen someone apologise on a blog comment and more so for something that was not at all offensive or even negatively responded to – whats up with that?

        Feel free to comment Harnew, so long as you’re conversational and not confrontational about it. Compared to some comments that bear deleting and such, yours doesn’t even touch that list!

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