Wayfaring with the news: Before Watchmen (Previews + Info)

I’m conflicted folks, torn even.

I thought I’d be back to writing here as with one of a many topics and comics and things I’d come across and thought of since I took some (much needed) time off from life in general. But then I came back and before I could even put in my first column, DC went and blew it all out of the water.

Is that... is that hair-gel?

For those of you who have been hiding under the proverbial rock, DC Comics announced very recently that they are finally going ahead with one of the most long-standing and controversial moves in comics – releasing more Watchmen series’ and doing so without its creator, the legendary and oh-so-scary Alan Moore.

As it stands now, the new books will be several mini-series of prequels and will be tentatively entitled “Before Watchmen” and will (according to DC’s updates) include the following titles and creative teams:

(To read the rest, go to my column HERE at Comicaddicts.com)

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