Spider’s Comic Reviews: The Ninjettes #1 / Scarlet Spider #2 (Comic Addicts)

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For you today I have the latest round of comic reviews selected from the new releases this week. The full set of reviews is over here at Comicaddicts.com and contains the other reviews besides mine should you be so inclined. Apart from this selection this weeks other picks by my other fellow addicts are: Battle Scars #4 (Marvel), Conan the Barbarian #1 (Dark Horse Comics) & the graphic novel Fantastic Four Season One (Marvel Comics), so feel free to check em out!

In the meantime here’s two of my picks for this week, one a good read and the other a MUST read for fans of the medium. I hope you all enjoy these and I’ll see you soon with more Spider-y randomness!


The Ninjettes – Dynamite Entertainment

Slice'N'Dice hotties!

Story: Al Ewing

Art: Eman Casallos

(Review By: Akshay Dhar)

When I first saw this comic up on the list of releases, I was intrigued and skeptical at the same time. It’s a spin-off of a comic created by legendary writer Garth Ennis which is now being written by Al Ewing who is the writer on this series as well. Ok, so having a single writer for both can be good because it carries over but what about the basics?

Well I will say this much, if you like Garth Ennis then you will definitely enjoy this series and its parent series – Jennifer Blood, which was a slightly toned down version of his Punisher in a more appealing physical form. Or maybe thats just me, whatever works for you.

In this new #1 the reader is shown the exploits of a group of female assassins but for this issue at least seems to focus on just one. Filled with Ennis-style over-the-top characters, humour that isn’t for everyone and a certain irreverence and b*lls-the-walls violence, this is a fun series if you have the stomach for it. In the end we get a nice little twist even and see the potential for an entertaining series at the least.

But while I am impressed somewhat by the writing, the art could do with a little work. Basically very good and fitting the story’s excessive moments and such, something about the overall look could do with a little fine-tuning. Perhaps some work on the inking, particularly the faces, and some tweaking of the colours and this book will be solid.

SCORE: 6.5 / 10

Scarlett Spider #2 – Marvel Comics

Love the tag-line!

Story: Chris Yost

Art: Ryan Stegman

(Review By: Akshay Dhar)

This comic was one that I was VERY eagerly anticipating. Spinning off from the undeniably spectacular run on Spider-Man that Dan Slott has been having, this book follows the travels of the unlikely good-guy and former many-time baddie – Kaine, a.k.a, the “Evil” clone of Peter Parker.

Chris Yost has always been a good, solid writer but with this comic he was really taking things in a new direction for Marvel by simply moving away from NYC which alone is a big thing, and settling in Houston as Kaine’s potential new home. The story follows his taking down some smugglers to jack their cash and run to Mexico and hide when he finds their horrific cargo and ends up staying just a little longer than perhaps he should have – or if you believe in destiny, he stays just as long as was needed for what comes next.

Taking a more introspective tone and exploring a darker character trying to change is not new, but in #1 we got a great glimpse into the deft manner in which Yost is planning on handling it and #2 just keeps up the nice and fast pace of the first and keeps pushing Kaine into the spotlight despite his kicking and screaming – until he starts to find a reason to stick around and do right, regardless of his first instinct.

Not the most unique story, sure, but it is told in a manner that almost makes it feel like it is and that alone is a feat worthy of reading. But if thats not enough for you, don’t worry. We get a crazy (and fire-y!) new villain, a crazy battle between him and Kaine and some definitive mystery and story progression nicely weaved into smaller details while the awesome action has centre-stage.

Brilliantly complementing the story is the art by Stegman who just goes to town in the action and his faces, the expressions, the layouts and the dynamic feel for the action really made this issue an utter and total joy to read. If you have ever been a Spidey fan, I would recommend this book – and of course to any discerning fan in general: READ IT!

SCORE: 10 / 10

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