Valentine’s Day Cocktail Blog Special!

Another year, another Valentines Day. Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I have no issues with this day really. It just is impossible to avoid given the naturally occurring PR machine that this day has – it surpasses most every other day except maybe the likes of Christmas, and like Christmas it seems to have transcended cultures and religions and become more of a social and cultural event than a religious-based one. I don’t think most people even know what it is except that it has something to do with St. Valentines or some such. And that’s fine really, its a day to celebrate a loved one and have fun so I say go with it.

In the spirit of the day though, I decided to turn what I was going to post into a Cocktail Blog-post and its been a bit since I did one of those anyway.

So first up, here on your left you have some (what I would consider) amusing Valentines messages for your significant other if you/they/both of you are more geek-ily inclined. Feel free to share them around at your pleasure.

In addition, on this exceedingly special occassion I’ve taken the liberty of finding for all the guys out there, the perfect Valentines day message/song/gift for your lady/guy/whatever because whether you might say it or not (especially if she’s around while you’re watching this!) you know you agree with the song somewhere deep inside your testosterone pumping heart!

But hey, don’t take my word for it! Check this out and then tell me I’m wrong:

That said and now out of the way, we move on to other things!

Next up we have this amazing time-lapse video showing the Northern Lights a.k.a. the Aurora, barely about a month or so old. Such sights never cease to amaze me. Oh and you can actually sit and watch this with your Valentine because, lets face it, living in the big city you’re more likely to see a blue moon then anything even remotely as awesome as this kind of star-field in the sky – and we all know that nice music and a starry display is a very romantic way to go about things. So beg, borrow or steal a mega-sized screen, load this video on HD and put on some mellow romantic tunes at the end of the days activities.

Last up before I call it a day, is this amazing piece of art by Japanese artist Takanori Aiba. I have to admit that I’ve seen a fair bit of art and between the internet and email you get to see a lot of amazingly creative things – but even then this one stands out. Just the sheer effort it must have taken and the amount of time spent building this wonder out of clay, epoxy, copper line, plastic, and resin around this bonsai tree… it does boggle the mind a little.

(Click to enlarge!)

Aaaand last but hardly not least, I leave you with a little something to laugh out loud with – for two reasons:

(1) Every one needs a laugh most anytime,

(2) I love the sense of humour of this particular comic strip and

(3) I was going post a hottie, but realised that’s the kind of thing that could get you into crap on V-day if your lady catches you ogling!

Till tomorrow folks! Cheers!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. icyhighs says:

    I don’t see how any woman can say no to a man who serenades her with ‘Dick in a box’! That Aiba piece is of course brilliant, think I might pass that on.

    1. Spider42 says:

      Feel free to share it anywhere you like, awesome things are always worth spreading. (except zombie plagues which are awesome but in a scary way!)
      And thank you – good to see someone who agrees about the brilliance that is that song!

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