REVIEW: No More Heroes #1

John Lees Comics

Before I begin, I should mention the connection I have with No More Heroes, this dark new superhero series by writer Gordon McLean and artist Caio Oliveira.  Gordon is a fellow member of the Glasgow League of Writers, a collective of comics writers formed in 2011.  In fact, both of us are founding members.  And in the very first meeting of the group, one of the scripts on the agenda up for review and feedback was none other than the first draft of No More Heroes #1.  Since then, I’ve seen that script be redrafted and refined, I’ve talked to Gordon during his search for an artist and his queries into publishing avenues, I’ve looked at the printed pages of artwork he excitedly brought along to meetings, I recommended Kel Nuttall as the best possible choice for a letterer.  And now I get to read and review the…

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