Bullet Post 2: Return of the One-Liners

This duo never ceases to amuse and this is one of their funniest yet!

Reasonably Ludicrous

I sort of forgot how writing worked, but Sam has graciously taken it upon himself to retrain me. So far the process is showing promise, but it seems that it may take some time. Meanwhile, this bullet post should go partway to tiding you over, you hungry masses you. Hope you like one-liners!


I thought about finally following my dream and doing stand-up comedy, but I was afraid people would laugh at me.


That job in Human Resources takes on a whole new meaning when your employer is Soylent Green.


I checked into my hotel and ordered some pay-per-view.

The clerk said a balcony was $300, so I just settled for A Room with a View.



I ordered a magazine from Guns & Ammo, but it didn’t fit into my semi-automatic.


One time I lost my feather duster, so I just let my parakeet…

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