Grim and gritty in old Gotham (Series in Review)

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Welcome back to another edition folks, hope you enjoy what’s on the menu.

Today we have a special series-in-review of one of the most acclaimed ongoing series to come out of DC comics recent reboot – one that in my opinion has not gotten the exposure it deserves, not by a long shot.

I refer of course to the sheer awesomeness that is All-Star Western. Penned by the suitably all-star team of Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti who have been the minds behind the long-running series starring Jonah Hex that came to a stop only recently in light of the reboot of the whole DC line, both being highly respected and much-loved among fans for their consistently good story-telling. Joining them on art duties we have the exceedingly talented Moritat whom some of you will remember from the somewhat short-lived series The Spirit which was part of DC’s “First Wave” line-up that tried to bring old classics like it and Doc Savage to new life.

In the past, Hex has always been a loner as a character and except for now and again, has largely stuck to more simply told tales and few team-ups as such. He’s had series at DC and Vertigo both, travelled to a dystopic future, fought all manner of magical evils and monsters, been a down and gritty gun-slinger, a brutal bounty hunter but always a tough-as-nails man of his word – someone you don’t want to get on the bad side of if it can be helped.

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