A thought for the future and general ignorance

Another week ends and another weekend approaches… It’s Saturday afternoon and here I rest my rear at my office desk, itching to wrap up and leave but for the moment biding my time as I wait for an email, so instead of later in the day, this post gets to be done now – YAY!

It’s going to be a fairly short one today actually – you see this is just a bit of a weekend kick-starter cocktail because this ones going to be a fairly busy weekend and starting of a new week. I’ve actually developed a bit of a backlog of posts that are either waiting partially or completely ready in my drafts list that I plan to put up in the week ahead – some are highly informative and enlightening, some awe-inspiring and some plain silly. Have to keep it interesting right?

Oh and at there will be at least one book review this week, if not two, as well as a new short story!

In any case, here’s an old school “thought for the day”, except I say make it your thought for the week ahead and we’ll see how it goes. I’m thinking of adding a “thought for the day/week” kind of little widget on my main page, what do you think?
In the meantime, here it is, your thought for the week ahead:

 If you can’t be a good influence, be a horrible warning.

And no, that’s not my line, just one I came across.

Alrighty then! Hope that sufficiently inspired everyone as well as gave you an inner chuckle (if not an outright guffaw like it did me). I’ve always been one who believed fervently that one must never take pretty much anything any more seriously than it has to be taken – life, doubly so. Think about it.

In the meantime, here’s an image that I just love and thought you good folks kind enough to visit, would enjoy as well. It’s an advertising poster for SeaWorld from the 1970’s in the US and I don’t know about you but I love it, love the enthusiasm and the silliness – something about it just evokes a sillier, simpler, goofier time and lightens the heart just that wee bit extra! How about you?

Is this awesome? Or is this awesome?!

Have a good weekend folks, I will see you very soon indeed with more of my random meandering through whatever latches onto my mind and imagination (not unlike the bane of the legendary Captain Haddock’s existence, he’s the one on the left for you poor souls who’ve never known him in his original incarnation) and I feel compelled to share.


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