Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others [Reblogged]

A little over-generalised, this… but the reactions are true regardless.

I came across this today and it really did strike a chord in my mind – I don’t blame all whites or all-anyone for anything, but there is a certain undeniable truth to the points raised in this list that I reblogged from HERE where I originally read it. 

In the end though, we all make our own calls, choices and judgements on these things – mine is but to share what strikes me, good, bad or otherwise and what you do with it… well that’s up to you. 


Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others

1. White terrorists are called “gunmen.” What does that even mean? A person with a gun? Wouldn’t that be, like, everyone in the US? Other terrorists are called, like, “terrorists.”

2. White terrorists are “troubled loners.” Other terrorists are always suspected of being part of a global plot, even when they are obviously troubled loners.

3. Doing a study on the danger of white terrorists at the Department of Homeland Security will get you sidelined by angry white Congressmen. Doing studies on other kinds of terrorists is a guaranteed promotion.

4. The family of a white terrorist is interviewed, weeping as they wonder where he went wrong. The families of other terrorists are almost never interviewed.

5. White terrorists are part of a “fringe.” Other terrorists are apparently mainstream.

6. White terrorists are random events, like tornadoes. Other terrorists are long-running conspiracies.

7. White terrorists are never called “white.” But other terrorists are given ethnic affiliations.

8. Nobody thinks white terrorists are typical of white people. But other terrorists are considered paragons of their societies.

9. White terrorists are alcoholics, addicts or mentally ill. Other terrorists are apparently clean-living and perfectly sane.

10. There is nothing you can do about white terrorists. Gun control won’t stop them. No policy you could make, no government program, could possibly have an impact on them. But hundreds of billions of dollars must be spent on police and on the Department of Defense, and on TSA, which must virtually strip search 60 million people a year, to deal with other terrorists.

Alrighty then… with that thought provoking and intense stuff said and done, let’s try something else:

(I dare you : Don’t laugh, don’t face-palm, don’t smirk, don’t shake your head amusedly… I double dare you!)

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  1. Wow, great reblog. I agree completely with this post and have often said myself that it’s so easy to objectify and blame “the other” for terrorism while failing to see that what we white North Americans are doing is really not so different. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Spider42 says:

      Glad you liked it. I have no issue with any race or creed per-se, but some things need to be said and shared so we all look beyond our cultural blinders.
      Thanks for the kind words.

  2. Like the re-blog. Couldn’t watch the video – it said “This Video is Private” : (

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