Musings and Madcap Video-clippery!

I’m in a fairly good upbeat-ish today, so here’s something resembling my state of mind for you to mellow-ly listen to while you read through my ramblings!


Man has it ever been a long, long, looooong week!

Been working at the day job while pondering and vaguely working the beloved (yet on-the-side) job of writing as much as possible while taking road trips for work and for the hospital (HAPPY NEWS! Dad’s out and back home as of this weekend!), the latter of which is now finally done with. (Somewhere inside I have an imaginary flash of a villain wringing his hands as I say that and evil-laughing as he says, “For now my pretty… for now! MUAHAHAHAH!!” … and yes, I know I’m a little insane.)

Plus my sister had her birthday this past weekend so it was great having Dad back for that and I know he was kicked about it. Was a nice time too, some killer eating, a nice party for here friends and I think an all around good time. Was nice relaxing weekend for me too – mostly anyway!

Anyway, back to the lab again now and trying to be all chipper-y and stuff as I inch closer to a much needed vacation, a week away from my birthday – somehow a day that stresses me out more than most others, what with the presents to be received, expected celebration, etc…

Am currently working on a shiny new short story, but while it’s being flipped and tossed around on the skillet, I thought I’d share some funny stuff with all you folks out there.

Mainly it’s a bunch of some seriously funny videos and a some tunage! And, there’s also a couple of hilarious retro cartoons here. I love humour like this and this style of cartooning to be honest! 🙂

First up we have this clip from Family Guy (which you may love, hate or never have seen) which made me snort out loud simply because of the concept joked about. … plus I won’t lie, I see this being eerily real in the coming future and perhaps even my own fate in a way!

Next up – This is a trailer for an independantly made movie (apparently) but I’m not sure if it’s meant to be a whole movie or just a preview made for the fun of it. Basically it looks pretty darn good and perfect for those evenings when you’re sitting back with your “peeps” and knocking back a few drinks (or sparking a few spliffs, whatever floats your boat!) and just want something to laugh at and think of as AWESOME!

Following that wonder, we have this brilliance which is part of one of the funniest set of videos (from the good folks at College Humour) I’ve come across on the net! All the videos in the series are POV videos in a variety of situations from your first kiss with a hot girl to being stuck in traffic:

And last but not least, we have a trailer for what looks to be one of the most wickedly brilliant looking movies I’ve seen in a bit. Did not know about this and now really want to watch it!

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