Monday Meanderings and Musing.

Me and my lil' booth!
Me and my lil’ booth!

Another week, another Monday!

I was going to make this a more think-y piece with serious content and discussion and all that – but I don’t want to get into talking about world affairs and such because that just gets depressing and Mondays are downers enough as it is right?

Oh and there’s a song at the end of this post that you can play and listen to as you read should you be this inclined!

Well, I clearly have a lot of catching up to do here, given my long absence from blogging, so here’s the gist:

There are books out there in existence that I've autographed!!
There are books out there in existence that I’ve autographed!!

The Comic Convention was an utter blast and we not only had a great time and met some really nice people, we also sold nearly 100 copies of our debut publication! I don’t know about you, but 100 copies of something folks don’t know and approach out of curiosity feels like a big deal to me! 😀

Anyway, it’s gone well and while not exactly rolling in the dough, it’s a good start. While some would think this is a first effort and not as good as it could have been and will be a learning experience (and hey, they’re all right – to an extent), I like to think it’s more than that. We did great and in terms of quality, I’ve already been told it’s better professional quality than most of what they’ve seen in a while and definitely amongst the nicest of the Indian comics produced thus far.

Now if I can just work out an online sales/distribution deal, I’ll be set because a fair chunk of the unsold can go there and can reach all the folks that have been asking about how they can get their hands on a copy – plus trying to see if I can get an e-book version for sale outside India so that people can read it more widely than just here!

What else, what else…

Well recently we also had our first foray into a reading/writers group which was something I’ve been trying to get together for some time now – it’s insane how hard it is to find people willing and able to do this! I swear I might die from lack of constructive feedback at come point!

But this turned out well and all in all not only was I amused and entertained, but so was everyone else – enough that we elected to meet every two weeks for the foreseeable future.

Oh yeah! Also got invited to give a talk at a Literary Festival in a local college – they want me to talk about comics and their history and what it takes to make a comic. I know enough about this subject matter and about story-telling to do this but it’s stunning how blank one can become when faced with a nervousness inducing activity that one is not used to anymore!

Im gonna miss my friends...
Im gonna miss my friends…

So this past couple of weeks were good – not just this past week but the past month and I have to say that while one wishes for the year to keep getting better and better, I’ll stick to hoping it stays at least this good at the very least. The better and best I can keep working toward in the meantime.

The only sad event – well bitter-sweet I suppose – is that two close friends are packing up and moving lock, stock and barrel away from the mean streets of this big city and headed to the coast for a nice and peaceful new life. You never know what life brings but as far directions go that’s a great one and I’m ecstatic for them (and admittedly a wee bit jealous already!) but I will miss my friends.

A downside of time passing, especially nowadays I think, is that it’s easier and easier to move and relocate to places both domestic and global and the job market is also taking on a more pan-global form. The result is that more and more people are moving and scattering around the planet and while yes, we have email and phones and all that – one will always miss being able to call up those merry few at the last minute on Friday night or Saturday and just gather and have the kind of good-hearted and carefree good time that you cannot otherwise, no matter how many new acquaintances you acquire.

Ah well, enough with my meanderings – here’s some humorous imagery to give you a chuckle (my facebook page gets regular updates of stuff like this for those inclined) and lighten the mind as this Monday plods on:

And lastly, I leave you with this song that’s been just stuck in my head for weeks now – a lovely band that actually reminds me somewhat of Mumford and Sons and Fink but has a sound all their own and this song is just soo…. well you’ll see:

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  1. Love the track. Stumbled onto these guys when they were on SNL a few weeks back. They’re my new Mumford. Also, don’t know if you’ve heard it but check out “Hello My Old Heart” by the Oh Hellos – lovely song

    1. Spider42 says:

      They really are quite addictive like Mumford! 😀
      Have not heard the Oh Hellos, but they’re on the list now. Thanks!

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