I really felt like sharing this post because the basic ideas it espouses connect to a lot of how creativity works. Some things I agree with and some I don’t but it’s worth reading and my own comment on the original post follows the original post.

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Just a little house keeping first…

Yes, I have updated my blog with a new theme. I hope it didn’t throw you too badly.  I think it’s clean and easy on the eyes.  Let me know what you think of the new look or if there are any glitches when you view it.  Thanks all.  I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog post:

Creativity ebbs and flows, a tidal surge of ideas eventually withdraws.  There are times when we are faced with a drought of ideas as the sands of writers’ block pit away at our confidence grain by grain. The white glare of an empty, sneering canvas or a sheet of staff paper sans notes, each daring us to make a mark, any mark at all.  It’s been happening as long as man has been creating. The empty corner of a cave wall, the unadorned ceiling of…

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