Holy Iceberg Batman! Al Gore was right?

gpp_interior_final-79Before anyone thinks I’m raising an alarm for flood warnings ala that wonderful(?) movie, 2012, no I’m not. I don’t imagine this is going to result in flood-waters spreading or immediate global catastrophe – however it is an indicator that we need to start paying more attention to the bigger picture, something I harp on a lot (less now because I find people don’t like to listen much) in regards to everything from religious intolerance to politics to being at least somewhat basically conscious of the fact that we ARE fucking up the planet at least a little.

And like it or not, the truth is that whatever we bugger up will likely not impact us but future generations and that is kind of counter productive to the whole “have children, propagate your genetic line and preserve the species” biological imperative that is considered our primary driving force and is considered responsible for so much.

BUT, I’m not here to soap-box, just thought this was a bit-o-news worth sharing so read on folks:

(Reuters) – Canadian glaciers that are the world’s third biggest store of ice after Antarctica and Greenland seem headed for an irreversible melt that will push up sea levels, scientists said on Thursday.

About 20 percent of the ice in glaciers, on islands such as Ellesmere or Devon off northern Canada, could vanish by the end of the 21st century in a melt that would add 3.5 cm (1.4 inch) to global sea levels, they said.

Governments are trying to understand every likely centimeter of sea level rise caused by global warming to plan how to protect cities from New York to Shanghai or low-lying coasts from Ghana to Bangladesh.

“We believe that the mass loss is irreversible in the foreseeable future” assuming continued climate change, the scientists, based in the Netherlands and the United States, wrote in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

Lead author Jan Lenaerts of the University of Utrecht told Reuters that the trend seemed unstoppable because a thaw of white glaciers would expose dark-colored tundra that would soak up more of the sun’s heat and further accelerate the melt.

A total melt of the glaciers would take several centuries. Climate change is warming the Arctic faster than the global average.

Most past estimates of Canada’s glaciers, based on less precise data of their size and melt rates, pointed to a smaller contribution to sea level rise of perhaps 2 cm this century, Lenaerts said.

The U.N. panel of climate scientists has projected that world sea levels will rise by between 18 and 59 cm this century, or more if a thaw of vast ice sheets in Antarctica or Greenland accelerates.

Because it's funny... admit it...
Because it’s funny… admit it…


Canada’s glaciers are little studied and often lumped into the panel’s estimates with ice in Alaska, Patagonia, Russia and Svalbard off north Norway.

“These glaciers are a significant part of the whole equation and of future sea level rise,” said David Vaughan, head of the ice2sea program for studying global warming based at the British Antarctic Survey in England.

“We can’t afford to ignore them,” he told Reuters. Vaughan was not among the authors of Thursday’s study.

“Most attention goes out to Greenland and Antarctica which is understandable because they are the two largest ice bodies in the world,” said Michiel van den Broeke, a co-author of the study at Utrecht University.

“We want to show that the Canadian ice caps should be included in the calculations,” he said in a statement.

The experts used satellite data of the extent of Canadian glaciers over the past decade to work out a model to project their decline.

The projection of a 20 percent loss of volume was based on a scenario in which world temperatures would rise by 3 degrees Celsius (5.4 F) this century and by 8 Celsius (14.4 F) in the Canadian Arctic, well within most U.N. scenarios.

(via Reuters)

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  1. diannegray says:

    This is very scary stuff, indeed!

  2. I think the reason people aren’t taking climate change seriously is that people think very short term. If it isn’t a radical or dramatic shift they just don’t seem to see it. Its very real and if we keep living the way we do then in 10-20 years the world is gonna be in real trouble, possibly even sooner. Why does it seem like the average person needs a “The Day After Tomorrow” scenario to wake up and smell the disappearing ozone?

    1. Spider42 says:

      I maintain that people are just so shit-scared of everything all the time that it’s easier to live in their little bubbles of things they believe in and ignore other things that don’t directly affect them wherever possible – it’s a combo of head-in-the-sand and ignorance is bliss with a sprinkling of denial and self-absorption/importance and of course just general idiocy.

      1. Man. Now that sounds like a deadly recipe.

      2. Spider42 says:


  3. Terrifying. Oh, my poor dear Canadian glaciers 😦

    1. Spider42 says:

      There’s hope yet so don’t lose heart!

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