Need vs. Want : TV edition

I came across this today and felt like sharing it because in its simplicity it highlights something we all know, a matter we are fully aware of but choose not to concern ourselves with – at least not the majority of us.

9373_485818778153280_877109523_nI refer of course to the news media.

But before anyone gets the wrong idea, I’m not out to pick at them or blame them for being poor at their jobs or reporting crap – most of which is true anyway – but I’d like to point out that the blame lies just as much with us, the viewers, as with the media outlets.

Q. Reality TV, mindless hollywood schlock/shite, bad, generic and manufactured pop music and “superstars” and even Government itself. What do all these have in common with the news media and this particular dilemma?

A. In each of these cases, the one you deserve is the one you get. We can piss and moan about it till the end of days, the truth of the matter is that every one of these things survives and thrives in its current form and despite clear criticisms and the like because the majority either support or tolerate it. The garbage is not thrown out and quality is either (a) not allowed to thrive enough to gain solid footing or (b) relegated to “indie” and “art-y” corners of the room.

If I’m fair, in both movies and television – and maybe all these things – there have been great strides forward and not just backward, but we (the people!) are like junkies who know something is bad but can’t stop mainlining it, even as we try and wean ourselves onto something better.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think we can throw the blame game at the moneyed guys, the creators, the agents, the studios, whatever – but the truth is the buck stops here. Stop gorging on a steady diet of crap and ask for something more nourishing. As more intelligent programming and developments all over the world have shown, it takes time but it’s not a pipe dream – we just have to voice our opinions more and try and enlighten the ignorant because too often do we let the narrow-minded push us aside.

Nice guys finish last people and like religion, culture is still being overwhelmed by the stupid. Those who are more open, more rational and more aware need to try and make sure they spread that awareness as much as possible and stop being intimidated by the majority.

Don’t believe me? Check out this actual report that scared the crap out of me and if you don’t get why, I’m not sure how to help you but I’ll damn sure try!


Oh and because this post was serious one, here’s something to laugh about:


OH YEAH!! And I personally think that everyone in a developed country and actually most any urban living person should watch this and try and compare it to the world around you and ask : how far off the mark is this?

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  1. diannegray says:

    Idiocracy is one my favourite movies – it’s so scary/real and where we seem to be heading. We have all these rubbishy news and reality shows because people must enjoy them. If no one watched them there would be no money to be made and therefore no more of them. It’s terrifying! 😯

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