New Art, new website and Old Music!

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it! (Dammit! Why am I going on getting old cheesy/amusing songs stuck in my head these days?!)

Been meaning to post and this was the right kind of motivation – well this and the other half of this post.

You see I suddenly had this song stuck in my head a few days ago and I didn’t know what to do because it was painfully familiar and yet completely a loss – but praise the nigh-bottomless knowledge hub that is the internet search and lo and behold I was able to track down both the original song and the more familiar version I was exposed to which sampled it and over decade ago made me seek out the original.

I refer of course to this song which if you know it upon listening, you are my peoples! 😀 If not, well then chances are you missed out on some cool stuff back in the day above and beyond this song. Yes I’m feeling snarky, been a long few weeks.

I’ll tell you about it over some tune-age – this song was originally about the excessively paranoid state of people during the Cold War when almost anything would set people off, when something as simple as a bunch of red balloons floating way in the distance over Russian or America could have been seen as unidentified flying objects and create a panic and lead to people pushing buttons they shouldn’t be pushing:

And this is the more well-known (to the younger set like me) by a pretty under-rated musician, Mr. John Forte performing this song with his long-time collaborator and one of my favourites of my youth – Wylef Jean:

Anyway, to the other topics at hand!

First up is the news that I’ve got myself a shiny new website all my own! You see for those of you that don’t know me, I write comic, actual published comics and not imaginary ones that never see the light of day… I do those in my head in my free time! So, as some of you may recall, I started a creator-owned and run Indie publishing label a few months ago for struggling writers and artists like myself and we’ve had two HUGE big things happen:

1) The maiden launched title – Meta Desi Presents Ground Zero: Volume 1 – has become the first Indian made comic available as an e-book on Amazon in the U.S. market and,

2) WE HAVE A WEBSITE! It’s still under construction, but it’s a place where I’ll be coordinating with several artists to produce weekly and fortnightly serialised comics and old-fashioned funny-strips – free comics to read and follow and a place for us writers and artists to find a space to showcase what we can do and (hopefully!) impress them enough to keep them reading. 

Next up! I just purchased prints from Deviantart(-ist jerry8448) for the first time recently (where I have an account for my own fledgling attempts at art) and they just arrived yesterday! You see I picked up these two amazing looking prints that just came in the mail and they look so good that I had to share my excitement! 🙂


Now that this is all done and done, thanks for dropping by folks!

Though don’t stray too far, I’ve got a new short story coming soon and even a shiny new science-meets-scifi post of geeky and mind-blowing coolness planned for the next few days and I promise they’ll be up since the workload is temporarily and thankfully lower.

Cheers all!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. The artwork shown here is outstanding.

    1. Spider42 says:

      It really is amazing and now I’m just waiting for them to get framed before I put them up! 🙂

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