Tree life is stranger than fiction

We’ve all heard these cliched adages growing up:

“Life is sometimes stranger than fiction.”


“Life imitates art”


“seeing is believing.”

Rainbow-eucaliptus4Thing is, what I’m sharing here today pretty much makes all of these cliches utterly true – except the last one to a point, because even when you see this it’s a little hard to believe.

I know, because I didn’t believe it until I looked it up!

This insane image to your right here is of the “Eucalyptus deglupta” is a tall tree found basically in the certain Indonesian islands and some parts of New Guinea – including an island called “New Britain”, never knew there was such a place (ya learn something new everyday!)

The tree is also commonly known as the rainbow eucalyptus, Mindanao gum, or rainbow gum.

It get’s this insanely psychedelic exterior thanks to its’ unique biology. Basically, like all living things, it “sheds” it’s outer bark periodically in bits and patches and sheds its bark in patches sporadically throughout the year and in the process it slowly transforms into a technicolor dream. Initially, the exposed undergrowth is bright green, but as it matures the colors shift to blue, purple, orange and then finally maroon tones.

It’s now apparently cultivated for paper in some places and is also used as an ornamental tree in some tropical countries – which actually makes me think I should look into whether I could find myself a sapling someday, can you imagine having this in your garden?

…alright, mines a rooftop balcony garden, but it’s a pretty good one! …Rashin’ fashin’ Rick Rastardly!… (points for you if you got this last bit! :D)

ANYWAY! Here’s a nice little photo-gallery of images of the tree for your viewing pleasure, enjoy!

(via Odditycentral and all-that-is-interesting)

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. ahblack57 says:

    Wow. are these photos for real? Never seen anything like that in nature. Awesome…

    1. Spider42 says:

      Yup, they are and I haven’t either – it’s why I love doing these “knowledge bomb” posts. (hmmm.. maybe I need a new name…? :D)

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