Unseen Tsunami Footage.

Saw this today and really felt like sharing it because it’s one of those things you have to see to believe.

Sure we have the cinematic spectacle of movies like “The Impossible” which is a pretty visually awesome – kudos to the makers of that for sticking with as much real-water and live-action visuals as possible and merging it together with digital rather than the purely digitized disaster-porn that has become the preferred stuff of movies now.

But this, this is real, this is inland from the Japanese coast during the tsunami that rocked the (still struggling) Fukushima complex and you can see the power and force of the tidal wave as a force of nature. As the water level drops at the beginning and you wonder what’s the big deal and what’s happening – until you see the seemingly little flow of water coming back down river like some water released. But then you see the power, the velocity and the ferocious impact of the water as it sweeps back through and though you think that’s enough, one then hears the emergency city sirens sounding and as you watch, the water rises and rises and soon… there is no stopping it.

If it’s not your thing, don’t watch it – but I felt like sharing this stunning new video. Cheers.

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