New Publication… Secret Woman powers… Crazy artists…

I think I’m going insane… no, not in the “we the jury find…” way, more in the weirdo babbling incoherently but amusing you at parties nonetheless way.

Been hectic and mind-fried for the past few weeks as I prep for the launch of a creator owned anthology I publish along with a bunch of creative folks from all over the country and now two from outside – one from Canada and one from the U.S. In my effort to give them their much deserved due and of course to promote the book a wee bit, here’s the cover and the credits pages so you can see my crew of creative crazies:

This is our second anthology and man am I freaked out! It’s definitely better than the first but it’s also a whole new game since we’re taking a booth at the Comic Convention in Mumbai in 2 weeks and I’ve got to start work on Volume 3 within this week and get everyone working on it if we want it to be ready in time for the biggest Indian Comic Convention in New Delhi in February. Two months to coordinate and complete a 64 page comic – I think we can do this!

Too many things but that’s the thing about doing something you love I guess, freaking out and the stress just can’t seem to kill you.

That and the house I live in is in a bit of chaos because it’s being repainted inside and I’m the only one in town at the moment so need to keep 100% track of the work and the things in the house or I’m going to get my arse kicked and then some! Fun!

FOR ALL THE LADIES!! Here’s a couple of bizarre, hilarious and downright brilliant pieces by an artist whose work and sense of humour I love and always get a laugh from, Stjepan Sejic, in which he talks about the hitherto under-appreciated and explained secret hidden power of all women. See for yourself and laugh (or not, it’s a free internet!):

"Now you know" by Nebezial
“Now you know” by Nebezial
"droppin some science on ya" by Nebezial
“droppin some science on ya” by Nebezial

And as a grand finale to this not overly long and somewhat amusing-ish post, here’s a song that’s been running over and over in my head for two days now – had not even thought of it in ages but then out of nowhere the other morning!

What I love about it is not just the song but this simple yet brilliant video, especially the ending which echoes a sentiment that I’ve long felt to be true as a creative personality:

The artist, like the idiot or clown, sits on the edge of the world, and a push may send him over it.

– Osbert Sitwell (The Scarlet Tree, Bk. IV, ch. 2)

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Newbie in da house! Cannot wait to see the issue in person amigo! I have quite a few people looking for signed copies : D

    1. Spider42 says:

      The more the merrier my good sir! Just lets me knows how many and we’ll get copies to you asap!

  2. I’m looking to pick up 10 for now bro-sef.

    Also, I LOVE your new display pic for the crew page!

    1. Spider42 says:

      To which pic doth thee refer? 🙂

      1. The illustration for your bio my man : )

      2. Spider42 says:

        Ah! Got it! 😀

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