Oh no! I’m not a snowflake!

Ah, Monday… We meet again my old nemesis… except that with the passage of time I’ve sort of made a peace with it, Monday has become like that annoying pet or room-mate or that crappy car you own or shitty/boring job you have that you can’t quite get rid of or really bothered to do away with and so it no longer gets under your skin and you sort of coast along with it until those joyous moments when you’re not around each other.

So it is that this Monday does what many have done for some time now: given me cause to find silliness and snarkiness in life, to be a smart-ass and to just have a laugh because really what does it matter and when I’m grumpy, I like to laugh – even if it is a sarcastic, mean little smirk sometimes.

I’ve marked this post in the “Spirituality” category (amongst others) because in some ways, this is me being spiritual – after all, I am referring to who we are, what we are and our place in this world. Some folks have indicated otherwise but I’ve not often considered myself too deep, just someone who thinks about many more things far more than most normal folks would so it adds a bit of random perspective I suppose – what do you think?

Anyway! Let’s get to the matter at hand shall we?

To that little nugget of wisdom, that little something to make you ponder and perhaps give you a bit of a laugh as this Monday rolls along…

I was thinking over this weekend and I realised that I live in a country of over a billion people… Now this is not exactly news, but it did give rise to this:

It was a moment of some amused realization when it occurred to me that with those odds, even if i was by some amazing fluke of chance 1 in a million, there were still at least 1000 other schmoes just like me.

If you wanna be special, that’ll take some of the wind out of your sails!

Am I right?

uniqueHas it’s upsides though, if you really want to look at the big picture doesn’t it? I mean sure, on the one hand who doesn’t want to be that beautiful and unique little snowflake that our parents (the good ones anyway) tell us we are as kids and that all the feel-good propaganda (and in its way it is, I’m not being evil here, just honest!) tries to burn into our fragile little psyches all our lives?

But on the other hand if you are that wonder, special font of wonder, you not only stand out, but suddenly it’s like a scene from “Jesus Christ: Superstar” where the huddled masses will all expect things from you and if you are successful, they will want more and more and more. It is life.

BUT! I’m not being a negative nancy here – the BIGGEST upside to my mind is that if I am special, if I am going to do great things (whatever they are) and you’re different from pretty much everyone… well if there are 1,000 more somewhere out there, it’s kinda nice to know that you’re not alone.

SO, to all of you 1-in-a-1,000,000 types out there, take heart, keep on chugging and keep an eye out for those 1,000 others alright?

I leave you with this epigram I’m quite fond of and this photograph that I really, really like and has been a favourite wallpaper over the years:

“You laugh at me because I am different, I laugh at you because you are all the same.”


Later folks, cheers!

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  1. Ah the blessed dichotomy of the human condition – we all want to feel special, like we’re one of a kind and no one could replace us – while at the same time we find comfort in finding others who think, (or much more likely) suffer, like us. What a bunch of weirdos we are…

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