REVIEW: Godzilla Cataclysm #1 (IDW 2014)

godzilla-cataclysm-1Godzilla Cataclysm #1 (IDW, 2015)

STORY: Cullen Bunn

ART: Dave Wachter

I’ve always been wary of Godzilla comics because frankly I’ve rarely found one that made me want to come back for more than an issue or two out of fascination with the subject matter. In that regard you can consider this first entry in a new series based on the various “kaiju” (monsters) of the Godzilla-mythos to be a promising one.


Set decades after the Monster-Wars of a period referred to as the Cataclysm when the many monsters ran amuck and devastated the world with their battles and rampaging, it follows the remnants of humanity as they live day-to-day and some of them in fear of the monsters returning to finish the job they started all those years ago – a fear you can of course guess does start to come to light. However, I’m curious I have to admit, whether they’ll go with the monsters as engines of destruction here or will they try and find a way to go the way of the most recent cinematic outing wherein Godzilla is both a force of nature and a kind of protector of balance. It will be interesting I think to see this play out in a post-apocalyptic Japan. Cullen Bunn is a writer whose work I’ve enjoyed over the years so hold a modicum of hope that this will be an entry in the comic-franchise that I’ll read all the way through.

The real winner – hands down – is the artwork. The details in Wachters artwork is just spell-binding! To be perfectly honest, the flash-back fight sequences showing the monster fights and classic monsters like Mothra just look brilliant and have a fantastically cinematic feel to them. Plus the details of his panels like the remains of a monster foot-print in the desolate ruins some survivors are trekking through just add so much to the atmosphere and experience.


If you are a fan, I would definitely recommend it and if you’re curious, it’s worth reading for at the art at the very least which is great.



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