REVIEW: Futures End Earth 2 One-Shot (DC, 2014)

earth-2-futures-endbnrFutures End Earth 2 (One-Shot) (DC Comics)

STORY : Daniel H. Wilson

ART : Eddy Barrows (pencils), Eber Ferreira (inks), Pete Pantazis (colours) and Taylor Esposito (letters)

This comic was a let-down.

There, I said it.

Now, to actually break it down for you.


The Mr. Terrific title when New52 launched was a disaster. It was terrible and that it was largely set in Earth-2 made it even more confounding and thus lost fans. Then he was given a new lease on life in the ongoing Futures End weekly series which has been confusing but not altogether bad (so far) thanks to a strong writing team that manages to keep some semblance of characters and cohesion in this chaos otherwise overwhelming the reader. Now we have this one-shot that at the end leads into a new series (mini most likely) that shares this title and will carry on the story.

We meet Terrific/Holt as he continues to try and be the genius who fixes the world, he is met with negativity for no reason and there is an air of xenophobia against the survivors of Earth-2 that focuses on nothing but the worst possible of humanity with not even a single real moment of human decency. Terry Sloan who is a revamp of the first Mr. Terrific from way back and was a pretty good villain on Earth-2 is now back and (SPOILER!!) has teamed up with (dun-dun-DUUUUN!) himself!

But it feels like a pointless exercise.

There are yet more twists and secrets at the end, just like all over this series – as if we haven’t had enough of those since before that bloody-awful Trinity War event that almost turned me off the primary DCU titles entirely. I still can’t bring myself to read a Justice League book – any of them. So yet again we get mired and buried in this web of Lost-like mystery that if the recent history is any gauge, will become so over-blown and bloated that by the end most fans will be suffering from chronic eye-rolling syndrome every time DC is even mentioned.

Firstly, NONE of the writers on the main series are directly involved, nor is James Robinson from the main Earth 2 series either. Daniel Wilson tries hard, I’ll give him that, but in the end it’s a lot of stuff compressed into one issue, it’s poor characterisation with no development of repartee or relationships – it’s just an engine to move the plot forward. Things move between nothing happening and explosiveness like a mad yo-yo and the story carries on the same old, same old dark-DCU that I still can’t see the need for considering that it was a huge part of why the reboot was done to start with in 2012.


I’m a HUGE fan of and have enjoyed the New52 incarnation of Earth 2 and have read every issue, even when other fans were whining about Alan Scott being gay and the drastic changes. Minor issue aside, I really enjoyed the way it was written, in some ways more than even the main DCU. It felt like a place of heroes, the kind of thing that the big-2 publishers in my view seem to have lost their sense of a bit – DC more so.

But this issue, while it had me apprehensive which I’ve been ever since I heard about the merger (however it eventually pans out) between the two Earths, showed me nothing good was coming of any of it all.



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