Mid-Week Mirth-ful Mash-ups!

Well it’s been a crazy and hectic ride as yet another new comic release and yet another Comic Convention come to a close – giving me a modicum of breathing room.

Of course there’s the next convention coming up which I’ve started doing some original artworks for, including a slightly modified, abstracted and honestly zen-doodled version of the famous “The Wave” painting. I don’t know what it is, something about that painting is just amazing. Just one of those things I guess.

Anyway, I was feeling the weight of this week as Monday rolled around and had a bunch of things I was dealing with after a week on the road (including a much needed but sadly too-damn-short 3 days in Goa on the way back!) and as you can imagine, emails and work tend to pile up!

But then yesterday it lightened and today it’s feeling better still – so to mark the lightening of the mood and to share the mirth and simple humour and joy, I decided to post this bunch of VERY original and creative artworks that quite frankly make me wonder what it’s like inside Mr. Ben Chen’s head when he closes his eyes! In fact, in a kind of “Being John Malkovich”-ish way, I’d love to actually get inside his head and see what’s going on, not to control but just because it must be one heckuva ride when he’s feeling creative!

Check it out for yourself and if you enjoy the wackiness as much as I did, feel free to click HERE for his page of so very many more such pieces:

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